Is Kevin McCall Homophobic?

First off let me say that Ebony N' Sweet has been an Avid Supporter of Kevin McCall since it's first inception over 3 years ago and even though his various issues has been very well documented in the media over the last few years, which included allegations of Homophobia toward the LGBT Community I still given him the benefit of the doubt still today. As an Blogger I chose to focus on bringing an greater awareness to the amplitude of talent within the African American Community with "Black men" in particular. The reason for this focus was because I seen that there was an need that wasn't being fulfilled in the market. There were so many great R&B projects that was released every year from Black Male artists that was basically going unnoticed. It seemed like the other major blogging outlets focused primarily on female musicians, which enraged me. So I decided to do something about it  because I believe everybody should have a chance to be heard thus Lyrics N' Pride was born!

 I'm proud to say that I've been able to assist dozens of outstanding  independent R&B and Hip Hop Artists gain new listeners and fans from all around the world!! To date we have posted over 600+ Independent Male R&B Artists and help contribute to over 1 million Streams/Downloads for their respected projects. This blog also have over 11,000 subscribers and growing! This is truly an Labor of Love... There are no ads.. And I do not make money from this venture

In saying that, I believe I have the right to demand my respect regardless of my sexuality, and given my just dues! My support has been unwavering. Kevin McCall's disparaging and homophobic remarks made toward me will not be tolerated. He seriously needs to reevaluate his life and get his career and his personal life back on track. I wish him only the best!! I will keep him in my prayers.

In closing, my advice for artists that are currently going through similar struggles always remember that the fans come first! Without the fans, you have no true purpose!

Peace and Love,

Stanley Lyrics
Blog Creator

PS: With an new focus and Mission, This blog will also include music from independent R&B Female Artists! It's great that the marketplace has changed for the better and now the Fellas are receiving the love I always believed they deserved. So it's no reason to have a blog exclusively for Male artists anymore! Stay Tuned!!

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