Colin Kaepernick- Stands for Justice and Equality

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This past Friday's preseason game featuring the 49ers vs Packers, Colin Kaepernick started a fire storm when he decided not to stand during the National Anthem. He's taking the opposite position of  NFL Carolina Panther's QB "Cam Newton" who refuses to recognize racism. Kaepernick gave his explanation stating that he "refuses to stand for an national anthem of a "Country that oppresses black people". Bravo! I Applaud Kaepernick for using his platform to stand up for something that he believes in. He proving that he's not just a piece of "eye candy" he's actually aware of the issues that is effecting America. I come from an Military family and support our Troops. But as a Black man I also know the evils that was committed and continues to be committed against our people in this country. We have a whole lot of work to do in making sure that everyone feels safe and secure.

However I do believe Kaepernick needs to do his best in finding another mentor primarily in the Black Community. He's currently following political activist Shaun King the fraud that was exposed for lying about his race and family history to gain the affections of #BlackLiveMatter Supporters. There was also questions from his own peer Political Activist Deray about the Charity Organization he ran when he wanted more clarity on the whereabouts of funds he collected for the families of Victims of Police Brutality.

Kaepernick recognizes that his stance will draw a strong response from the general public, But you won't find any one in the Black Community who would disagree with him.
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