Ebony N' Sweet blasts Tariq Nasheed: Nate Parker Scandal

Most Recently,  allegations of an 1999 rape charge resurfaced about "Birth of a Nation" star Nate Parker. According to Variety.com the brother of the victim stepped forward stating that she committed suicide after struggling with depression for several years after the incident. This isn't the first time Nate Parker's character has been called into question. Back in 2014 Parker made homophobic remarks during an interview with BET stating that:
 "In an effort to “preserve the Black man,” he will, among many things, never play a gay character. He also said Hollywood offers Black men roles that consist of "men with questionable sexuality."
Many of Parker's supporters have jumped to his aid to defend him regardless of the new information coming to light of the status of the Rape victim such as Full-time Race Baiter and Provocateur Tariq Nasheed.

I find it alarming that black men such as Nasheed would only question the "timing" of the information and the outrage that soon followed rather than questioning the validity of the claims. I also find it disgusting that Parker's supporters only finds it convenient to pull the race card when Actors like Parker only embraces their blackness when they can gain an profit. He has been married to Sarah DiSanto an "White female" since 2007 and have since produced 4 kids.
Acourse when an educated  individual such as myself challenges Tariq Nasheed radical views directly, he retreats back to the same old rhetoric with an total disregard for debating the real issues. He rather hide behind his Twitter account then go head to head with a real "Black Man" and Block anyone that has imposing views than him. Does that sound like an enlightened individual to you? I think not.

In all I believe the overall message of "Birth of the Nation" is an honorable one and is a story that needs to be told. However due to circumstances I will not be supporting this film when it's released. As an openly Gay men, I can't support people with homophobic and defamatory views, and I will not support an alleged rapist.I love my black people, But Nate Parker stopped being a respectable black man a long time ago.

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