#KorrynGaines Shot by Bmore County Police

Most of you have heard by now that Baltimore County police have shot and killed an Mother of 2 (African American Female) Named Korryn Gains and injured her 5 year old son after an warrant for her arrest was issued due to traffic violations. Not all the facts have been revealed about this case but I find it amazingly disturbing that Black men "especially" are quick to place blame solely on Korryn Gains before all the facts in this case have been discovered by an thorough investigation.

We as Black men must protect our sistas and give them the benefit of the doubt. There has been too many situations where police have colluded with each other to create an false narrative about the facts to avoid punishment we have seen this with Sandra Bland and the Alton Sterling case. Today we as an community must mourn yet another death, but stay strong!!

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