African History: What they don't want you to know

A few years ago I was totally blind of the historical facts surrounding African civilization from 10,000-25,000 years ago. In India and China there are still ancient structures left standing after thousands of years and the people still have memory of those times. But why are their structures still there? While the structures in Africa are completely gone? The answer is location. The Chinese and Indonesian cultures wasn't interrupted by war and colonization by Eastern Europeans. Geographically speaking, they was too far-away for any army to travel by foot or by boat successfully. In addition China was protected and insulated by the Himalaya Mountains. Ancient African Civilizations due to their close proximity to Europe was constantly under siege and locked in battle for centuries that seen the destruction to 100's of ancient African Cities. When these cities was destroyed they was reduced to rubble. The memory eventually passed with each new generation and became forgotten.

Konark Sun Temple (India) 1255 AD
Temple Mayan City of Palenque, Mexico 750 B.C.

Longmen Grottoes (China) 317 B.C.

All researchers agreed that all Life originated from Africa, yet Western governments want us all to believe that the African people were uncivilized, underdeveloped or haven't evolved past the tribal era. I'm here to tell you that this is a lie! Infact Africa had several cities that was thriving throughout the continent. Not just in Egypt, but stretching all across the north and west regions as well.. But unfortunately they were too close to their European neighbors and frequently had to ward off attacks from France, Spain, Rome, Persians and several other European countries for hundreds maybe thousands of years. All of those cities was ultimately destroyed. What we refer to as "Arabs" today, were not the original inhabitants of Egypt. Arabs originated from the southern parts of Russia and Turkey. Egypt was an all Black Country. But when the Roman and Persian empire marched their massive armies into the city most of the people was killed and the survivors was forced into slavery or retreat from their homes to escape and travel toward the southern parts of Africa to seek refugee. This is the information that British Historians and America choose to leave out of the history books. They use our own ignorance about our past against us. We as "black people",  made huge contributed to the Human race and invented Agriculture, Music, Language, Art, Medicine, Architecture and Astronomy. Check out the series of videos below part 1-4... It's very interesting!

Knowledge is power! I wish to Inspire everyone to do more research on this topic on your own! Don't take my word on it.. Take your own journey and discovery your true greatness. 


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