Cultural appropriation: Black Music

(Non-Black Hip Hop Artists and Personalities): French Montana, Blackbear, Macklemore, Rosenberg, G-Eazy, DjKhald, Iggy, Mac Miller and Travis Garland

Yesterday, the ongoing debate about Racial inequality & Police brutality sparked by NFL Player Colin Kaepernick intensified when Model Kate Upton decided to throw her 2cents into the conversation by chastising the "peaceful" protest  by Arian Foster and a few handful of Dolphin players during the National Anthem.

The reaction that soon followed generated a huge response from several Twitter users within the black community and media personalities alike some of which was absolutely hilarious!

But it was this comment by Radio Personality Scottie Beam and the response that soon followed from Hot 97 Host Peter Rosenberg that inspired me to write this post about Cultural Appropriation of Black culture by Western Civilization. White Europeans/Americans made an career out of copying/stealing from Black Culture and made billions! Yet when it comes to the Civil Rights Issue our people are faced with they are usually the last ones to stand up. Lets Continue....

Rosenberg's "Whiteness" truly shown at this moment. He quickly ran to aid in the rescue of an pretty blonde damsel in distress without even knowing why he was defending Kate Upton. It was based on instinct. White people stick together!  Even after he figured it out he still continued to disapprove of Scottie Beam's amazingly witty yet civil response. This was very telling because Rosenberg has spoken out against Police Brutality on his radio program before, but was it fake outrage? He seems to be in my opinion very inconsistent! Where exactly does he stands on the issue? Rosenberg made a career out of DJ/Hosting R&B And Hip Hop music on Radio to an largely Black Audience for several years, which brings me to my next point. 

"Cultural Appropriation of Black Culture in White America"

 The artists featured above including Radio Personality Rosenberg is all considered to be apart of a certain segment of Hip Hip that don't fully represent Black people from both an Historical and Cultural standpoint. They are non-black Americans that immersed themselves and adopted our music and style for their own personal gain. But How did this begin? This isn't new it been going on for centuries. Dating back a few thousand years ago, before our ultimate destruction at the hands of  our White European neighbors, African Civilizations welcomed them with open arms. We Taught them our sciences, religion, music, medicine, Astrology, Art and shared our resources. We have always been a very loving people with a great sense of GOD and Community.

You all know what happened after that... 

Even after our people was beating down, raped, Tortured and reduced to less than nothing we was then subjected to our Historical Black Figures Whitewashed to support Racist ideologies.

Real Depiction of Yeshua
Fake Depiction of Yeshua also known as "Jesus" .
Even after all the trauma it still hasn't  resonated that we must protect our own Invention. Artistic expression like R&B and Hip Hop Music. We have to protect it from those who wish to steal it and masquerade as an False representation of who we really are.

Macy Gray and Amy Winehouse
Eminem and Tupac
History will try to minimize or erase the contributions that Black Artists have made within the music industry just to give favor to their white counterparts. Young Hip hop fans are already citing Eminem as being the Greatest Hip Hop Artist in History. And the White media/Racist ideology will continue to push that agenda. It's our responsibility to cherish and protect our creation and lend our support to other Black Djs, Rappers, Singers, Beatmakers, Bloggers, Songwriters and producers! Don't be so willing to give away your birth right and allow others to take away what is an God given gift!

Am I saying that you should never work with White people in the Music Industry? No. That's impossible. They are apart of our global society and corporate structure no manner if you like it or not. What I'm really saying is that you need to understand our history and seek their true intentions. Understand that even if someone like Travis Garland  or Rosenberg gives you an opportunity don't get too excited. Know your self worth!!!  Know that they need you, probably more than you need them. Don't take the business opportunity as a weird sense of "obligation" to them. You don't owe them anything but the job you are hired to do.

Be reminded that they need to surround themselves with Black people to learn our craft and gain credibility in the eyes of Urban Listeners abroad which so happens to be an majority Black Audience. GOD has already given you favor, you don't need to do anything to gain the acceptance of your own people. All you need to do is to step behind the mic and let your talent shine!

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