New information about Derrick Rose's ongoing court battle has come to light and the controversy has since boiled over on Twitter which is drawing an strong response from those in support and against the Superstar. The hot topic at the moment are text messages that Rose has allegedly sent to his accuser.The media is currently going on a smear campaign with basically no evidence that suggests that anything criminal has happened. Instead people are labeling Rose "guilty" because of his sexual tastes which is perfectly legal, and lets take a moment to remember that he was in a consensual relationship with the Accuser for several months. 

For example he asked his "girlfriend" to send him a nude video.. Doesn't that sound like something every man do basically everyday?

If you are a bit conservative You might think that Rose's sex life is too "Freaky" or the way he went about it was being "Thirsty", but if that was the case every man would be guilty of rape. And if the world had the opportunity to look at your smartphone or computer I wonder what they would find? It's easy to judge another person when your own business is kept secret under lock and key. And furthermore the accuser decided to file a "Civil Suit" against Rose instead of pursing the matter in criminal court. This sounds like a ploy for Money. We must stand by Rose and give him the benefit of the doubt. There are too many Black men that have been falsely accused and locked up of crimes they did not commit. I believe he will be found not guilty and then we can get back to Basketball! #StandwithRose!

DERRICK ROSE IS INNOCENT! #StandwithRose DERRICK ROSE IS INNOCENT! #StandwithRose Reviewed by Editor-Chief on September 01, 2016 Rating: 5

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