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Former Playgirl Model Steven Beck has started a new venture on Connectpal. But you would be extremely disappointed to find out that he won't be posting any "Smut material", in his own words. So if you were expecting to see him preform in a hot jerk-off  shower scene well you're wrong!! The Model/Fitness Trainer is very adamant atleast at the moment that he won't upload any masturbation/jerk off videos and it's still unclear if we get to see full frontal photos or videos displaying genital. We haven't seen full frontal photos of him since he posed nude for Playgirl Magazine over 6 yrs ago in 2010. He currently basing his decisions on the false notion that people will pay just to see an continuation of his PG-13 instagram account that's free. Instagram is already flooded with several Fitness Trainers that offers Exercise Tips accompanied by plenty of shirtless pics. So what makes his connectpal so special?  The very thing that makes Steven Beck "Special" is the very thing that he is denying his fans, "To see Steven Beck in action!" Fans would proudly pay $14.99 if he truly made the effort to fulfill their fantasies. But I see an troubling trend among Fitness Models that refuse to meet supply with demand. It's basic Economics 101.. The consumer demands the content and the Business Supplies it. Steven Beck went to college so he should know this concept very well.  I received an response from Steven Beck about the controversy below.

"I said from jump I wasn't doing jerk off videos or basically raunchy shit my CP is going to have more than masturbation material." Quote ~Steven Beck
In the beginning he only gave an vague response to his fans that made inquires about the issue. So there you have it!!!

For now I suggest that you save your money and wait still he gets more flexible with his offerings, but don't hold your breathe, that day might not ever come. His connect page gets an 2 out of 5 stars mostly for future potential. If he truly wants to be successful he needs to let loose! And don't be so scared to give the fans what they truly desire.

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