How to Gracefully Decline a Media Request

So, you're an Artist and released music online that generated the attention of music bloggers and writers. You find yourself in the enviable position in receiving Media requests for interviews, photoshoots, promotional events or marketing opportunities that's constantly flooding your inbox.

Sounds exciting, right? 

Well, except at this time you haven't realized the importance of collaborating with "content creators" such as bloggers, yet. You either ignored or turn down each opportunity simply because it feels more like an annoyance rather than a real opportunity to network or to gain more visibility.

Whether you're faced with an offer that you'd simply uncertain about or will never accept in a thousand years, you should craft a gracious reply and say "Thanks, but No thanks".

Step 1: Show your Respect and Appreciation
Your Top priority should be to Thank the Blogger for the offer and also for recognizing your Talent. Bloggers & Music Writers are essentially artists in their own right, they create content and build a following very similarly to musicians. They take pride in what they do. Several hours is likely spent doing research, listening to music submissions, crafting blog posts, and staying up-to-date with all the latest happenings in their respected areas.

So, a sincere and respectful Thank you, will go a long way. For example:
  • Thank you so much for requesting an Music Interview. It really means alot that you are taking the time to consider me and for supporting my music.
  • Thank you for your consideration to be featured on your website. I really enjoy receiving feedback from my peers and to get the opportunity to network and learn about New platforms.

Step 2: Give a Good Explanation
Don't leave the Blogger or Music Writer in the dark about why you're declining their request. Be diplomatic and careful not to burn bridges. Don't tell any lies, you don't need to go into full detail about your feelings or agonize over your decision. 

The best approach is to be brief, but honest about your specific reason for not accepting their offer, say something like:
  • While this offer seems like a great opportunity, I would like to discuss another option to collaborate with your platform, that I feel will be more suited for me.
  • At this time, I'm currently not prepared and can not accept interview requests or Book Live shows, still I've hired New Management.
  • While this Modeling venture seems like a great opportunity, I have an specific focus with my music and I choose to pursue offers that will give me more opportunities with preforming live and touring.
You can elaborate if that is necessary. But if the only reason you have declined is because you're  uncertain, then don't be afraid to ask more questions.You can also Suggest another Musician that you may know of who could be a better fit for that platform. Bloggers love suggestions.

Step 3: Stay in Touch
The blogosphere is constantly changing and evolving every 5-8 years. Small blogs today can turn into a huge platform with Massive Social influence in the future. For example, Bossip started out as a Free Blog on wordpress with relatively Low web traffic. But 7 yrs later Bossip grew into a Global brand and generated an sizeable fanbase. Bossip was eventually sold for millions and now have a 30 min. TMZ styled Television Show. Artists that typically declined their interviews or ignored their media requests are now begging for a chance to be featured own their platform. So it's always a good idea to use some pleasantries before you decline an offer to keep the door open. Example:
  • Again, Thank you for your time and support. I have a new album coming out very soon. I will send you a free copy.
  • Your continued support means alot, feel free to follow me on Social Media and stay up to date with my latest happenings. I will follow back and give you a shout-out!
  • I hope to see you at my next show coming to your city, let me know if you like to attend. 

Turning down an Media Request never feels great. But remember it's an inevitable part of being an Artist. Don't be rude! Be professional and maintain a good reputation with your peers in the music industry.

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