Dear, Jonathan McReynolds....You disappoint me

 Jonathan McReynolds
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Dear Jonathan McReynolds,

First off,  I like to say that I found it hilarious that I'm writing this letter right at the time when I'm about to deactivate my twitter page and preparing to lessen my dependence on social media. I think we all spend a little bit too much time on twitter right? Anyway, Jonathan I've loved your music for about 4-5 years and I've purchased all of your albums. I never really been too interested in following the day-to-day lives of artists on social media, but It's usually when an Album, Mixtape or Music Video is due for release is when I'll start monitoring their feeds for the latest updates. Which brings me to the tweet that you posted on your page (which can be seen above).

I must say that I was very disappointed in the attitude that you displayed on twitter a few days ago. Didn't you just chastise Jason Warrior for his behavior on The Four just less than a week ago? You could have handled your own situation alot better by simply ignoring it. You need to realize that you are a signed recording star with one of the most recognizable 'voices' in Christian music and you must conduct yourself with 'class' at all times. That includes not lashing out in anger over something as petty as an instagram tag. (By the way... I searched endlessly for the 'tag' that apparently ticked you off, and I couldn't find a trace of anything negative). So were you trying to drum up controversy just to sale records? An Marketing ploy? Regardless, I feel like you owe your fans an apology.

You had thousands of fans (including myself) thinking that we did something wrong..... I had to search through my own tweets just to see if I could have possibly said something to offend you. But then I realized that it's not me, IT'S YOU.

We all have our bad days when you feel like everything can irritate you. But sometimes it's just best to log-off and relax. Nobody is trying to 'break your spirit' simply by tagging you in a instagram or twitter post. Maybe it was distasteful? or maybe it wasn't. We will never know because you never provided us with more information.

Since the incident I had to question rather or not I should cancel my pre-order  of your album. Why? Well I hold you to an higher standard than I do for most artists. However, I have seen non-christian artists conduct themselves on social media alot better than you. But I do forgive you Jonathan.. But try to conduct yourself in a more dignified manner that's worthy of the platform that God has given to you. Don't let your personality overshadow your gift. I would have never guessed that Jonathan McReynolds is a diva! Never.

Tip: You can disable tags & comments on instagram and turn off notifications on Twitter too. Problem solved.



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