Update: We will No Longer Use Twitter

We are alerting our fans that we have decided to discontinue our support for Twitter.com and will no longer use their platform as a tool for supplying you the "fan' with music updates. The twitter add-ons on our website have also been removed and won't be added back. This decision was made due in-part on Twitter's lack of support for dedicated r&b platforms such as ebonynsweet, ratedrnb, singersroom, rnbassmusic and more. They have shown extreme bias by granting verification to an majority of Hip Hop/Rap websites that have accomplished far less. Between the Top 15 r&b platforms on YouTube, Soundcloud, including their own www. domains have generated over 360 million views/page hits. Despite this success they do not receive proper recognition. We have concluded that no manner how large our platform grows it would never be granted verification. As an result our blog will have a difficult time gaining it's 'credibility' as an Valid source for Independent  R&B Music on their platform. The Twitter Eco-system is complex, and it's difficult to separate yourself from regular everyday-bloggers for example: 'That's just simply trying to share their Aunt's favorite cooking recipes vs  an more serious platforms that spend their time and energy to actually become knowledgeable or the authority of their subject. Sadly, Twitter users will automatically dismiss your blog simply because  you don't have a blue badge, and that can actually cause immense harm and stunt our ability to grow. We had also experienced a few, but not all 'Artists' showing an lack of interest for this very reason. In conclusion, we believe it's causing us more harm than good to remain. We want music fans 'first' initial interaction with us to be great! And we don't want you to simply dismiss or blog as 'spam', which is something that plagues the twitter environment everyday.

We will continue to build our blog on other platforms such as  instagram, facebook and YouTube, where the verification process is based on success and quality and not calculated so subjectively. It would be great to be able to set a goal, achieve it and then be rewarded for all that hard work. That will never happen on the twitter platform. Twitter is designed for News organizations, celebrities, artists and gimmicks.  If you're a blogger, you will be automatically dismissed by Twitter's staff even if your platform is more successful than most of the artists that they verify each week. Even TheShaderoom with 11.2 million followers on instagram was dismissed. So, lets get real their staff consists of an bunch of Silicon Valley Nerds that graduated from Yale and Harvard.  So they will never be interested in Independent R&B Music.

Oh, and by the way after much complaining we did receive verification for a short moment before it was removed just a few minutes later 'twitter has jokes, right?'....Oh well!  Regardless, we will continue to support Independent artists and keep this blog running for the foreseeable future! At the end of the day, we do this because we love music! And that will never change.

 Continue to spread the word about Ebony N' Sweet and bookmark our new blog at playrnb.com
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