Discussion: Lets have a real conversation about Sex!

How to reconcile being an artist in the digital world
The question that many Independent Male artists may never ask themselves is what comes first? Your career or getting a nut? This blog post is only for Artists that like to get freaky and participate in sextexting & nude webcamming behind closed doors. Male independent artists typically place absolutely 'no value' on the hundreds of  Nude selfies and videos currently saved in their camera phones. But hopefully this attitude will change after you read this blog post. Men frequently send x-rated content to instagram thots or snapchat hoes without hesitation! They also have the false assumptions that their online encounters is private. However, the moment that you send your nudes to a complete stranger online you instantly forfeit your right to privacy. And for what? To impress a female? It's ridiculous!

Eventually the photos will leak online, and then you usually see the artist make the same 'robotic response' in embarrassment and then demand "privacy". But you can't have it both ways. You should have some level of self reflection and think about these following points:

Point 1
How much is your adult content really worth in the marketplace?  For example, If you can generate the attention of thousands of female and gay fans online with atleast 7,000 followers on Twitter and instagram. Your nudes could have a value of around $18,000 to $20,000 dollars. How did I estimate this amount? Well, the average price of a Adult Online Subscription on connectpal or onlyfans is $9.99, and if atleast 15% of your followers (1,050) subscribe to your page you will make atleast $874.00 per month for the duration of a full calendar year ($874.13 x 12) = $10,489.50 which is on the low-end. I know artists that have made atleast $4,000 - $5,000 per month. It really all depends on how dedicated you are in building your business.

Point 2
If you're willing to send nude pics and videos to females for free? Are you also willing to send the same content to people who are actually helping you in your career? Those instagram thots aren't the only ones that want to see what you are working with, right? Ask yourself this question. And if your answer is still "No" then you need to reevaluate your attitude toward sextexting in general. The people who are the most on your side, the ones whom are opening doors for you and assisting  you with various tasks that's adding on to your success, should be the first of these beneficiaries. Including the fans! But There's a major hypocrisy here! If your moral values won't allow you to use your xxx content to get ahead, then you need to apply that same energy toward those thirsty "instagram hoes" too and just say "No"  next time those conversations get too steamy! Because remember! Nothing that happens online is private! Not unless they signed a confidential agreement. If you do experience a leak, your only option is to submit a DMCA/Take down request. Don't bother the FBI or the Police with your nonsense, your stupidity is the only thing that's criminal here. Let go of that ego, and accept that you are responsible for that situation. And good luck trying to keep that off the internet!

Point 3
What benefits can your Adult content actually get you in the Entertainment industry as an Independent artist?
Not only can 'Sex" be used as a great promotional tool to attract more fans, You would  be surprised on what kinda favors people are willing to grant an attractive Male Artist in-exchange for a few nude selfies!  Typical, men have a tendency of using their nudes as a commodity to trade with the opposite sex for photos/videos in return which are (free transactions). Yet, there's plenty of freaky Men and women working in all levels of the Entertainment industry to fashion designers, promoters, journalist, and record label exec, that could give you much more than just a few pics in return. If an artist is willing to unleash their inner freak to the 'right person' they could get free features, invited to high profiled events, free beats, graphic & web designs, professional photoshoots, studio time or tours. Pretty much anything you could ever want! You need every advantage, so why not use what "God" given you? So I ask you again, why are you still sending nudes for free? Is that 'nut'  really worth more to you than all I aforementioned? Do you still consider your nudes a priceless commodity that can only be used for exchange with thirsty females? Is that instagram thot with the "big booty" worth more to you than being invited to attend a party with P. Diddy? Well I don't know about you, but if a "nude selfie" is the only thing that's standing in my way of gaining opportunities, I'm grabbing the baby oil and my camera! Anyway, I hope after reading this post you learned the full value of these types of online transactions and think more outside the box! If you're going to be a freak, then be a paid freak! Anyway It's hard separating yourself from just being a regular guy to a Independent Artist/Entertainer. But it must be done! You can't ignore it. And you must address how you will proceed or risk being exposed with nothing to show for it anyway! Ultimately, you must apply whatever standards you choose to adapt and then make the right decisions based on your own life. But If you value your privacy, than just stop snapping nude pics all together and watch pornhub like everybody else! No admission necessary.

There are some artists out there that understands this concept very well! And I praise them for it. Check out R&B/Pop Singer Quinton storm and subscribe today!


all content is illegal to repost through DMCA protection

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