Aundre Dean posed nude for Convicted Child Molester

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Actor/Model Aundre Dean is currently battling rumors in the media of an alleged relationship between him and Rap Icon 'Pepper" of Salt & Pepper via people. But he might have more things to worry about right now than just his elicited love affairs. Right now, Aundre is rigorously trying to scrub the internet of the Jockphysical videos which features him masturbating and being fondled by a elder white man. We have uncovered some shocking details about the owner of the now defunked website.

According to the Dallas Observer  the Owner of Richard Castagne was convicted of Sexual Performance by a child and folding of a child in 1985. In 1985, at 30 years old, Castagne approached a 16-year-old boy in a convenience store asking if he’d ever thought about modeling, according to the defense. The boy apparently said he was interested and Castagne led him outside to the back of the convenience store and took a photo of his genitals.

Castagne then asked the 16-year-old if he’d be interested in porn. The boy said he might be, but that he was only 16. After he was arrested (the boy told his mother about the occurrence), Castagne told the police that he then told the boy he’d have to lie and say he was 18 if he wanted to do porn.

Castagne also told the boy that before doing videos with girls, he’d have to first do an audition video similar to the ones that would later be published on, the defense told Cutrer during cross-examination. 

Castagne never registered, which is a felony offense in Texas. But after his conviction, Castagne completed five years probation. If he had been registered, however, he would not have been legally able to operate a sexually-oriented business in Richardson. In 2015, Castagne was murdered by Daeveion Mangum a (gay for pay actor). And Mangum, was later convicted of 9 years in prison for stabbing him to death via Pinknews.

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