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An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is an online version of your professional music resume that promoters, bloggers, talent scouts and music supervisors use to understand who you are as an artist. Crafting the perfect EPK is critical to your success in making connections in the music industry.


The business purpose of a press kit, whether paper or electronic, is to gain the interest of venues to book gigs, review your new music, obtain an interview or radio air-time on their terrestrial or internet radio station. It’s important to periodically review and update your EPK. You may have new music with new album art, new reviews, new quotes, or a new biography.
The most effective format includes the following and in this order: 
  • Real Name:
  • Stage Name:
  • Location: (currently resides)
  • Birthplace:
  • Age:
  • Biography: (include background information) such as musical influences & the message you like to convey in your music.
  • Signed or Unsigned: (If signed add your record label's name)
  • Genre:
  • Title:
  • Format: (album, eps, single, video)
  • Length ( # of Tracks, and the running time)
  • Attach Cover-art to email
  • Download link such as Soundcloud, dropbox,, etc. or mp3 attachment to email.
  • Include links to social media
  • Contact Information
Your music is the most important element of your EPK. Make sure you have researched the blog thoroughly that you wish to submit your EPK to before initiating contact. For example, if you are an R&B/HipHop Artist you wouldn't want to waste your time submitting songs to a Rock or Reggae platform. Listen to the music displayed on the first few pages of their website and pick songs that's similar to what they usually showcase.

It’s common for people to play the first song first on your EPK, so put your very best three songs at the top of the list in order. Not sure how to rank your songs? Turn to fan feedback, purchase history, production quality, or feeling to help you decide.


In any market such as fashion, TV, film, media publications, and sports, showing a little skin is a way to increase your visibility and generate more fans online. Bloggers, love outgoing personalities that put it all on the table. Depending on the website, if they touch on Adult Topics with an more mature audience try submitting photos & videos that will knock their socks off. Most artists already have content similar to this already on their instagram pages. Make sure the blogger/music writer have a chance to see what you got! An artist first instinct is to be conservative, but it's okay to let loose and have fun once in awhile.

There's plenty of websites that helps make the process alot easier such as reverbnation and sonicbids. However, I prefer a simple email format.


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