Aarron Tyson - Live For It (EP)

Aarron Tyson is an Atlanta based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist producer, and cinematographer. Born on May 24, 1988 in New Haven, Connecticut and later astride from his maternal mother, Aarron was adopted at six months old by his mother’s sister who Aarron refers to as his mother. With his new guardian, the family would later move to Atlanta where his musical abilities would soon be realized. His maternal mother later on passed away when Aarron was just seven years old. This would be where Aarron would focus his confusions and frustrations to music. He continued through school excelling in his musical abilities to begin touring fresh out of high school and around the world with some of the world’s most notable music names as a keyboard player/programmer. With these experiences on his side and later landing TV appearances on networks like NBC, CBS, BET, WE TV, and a few more in addition, Aarron stepped aside for something greater in his self to begin writing, recording and producing his own original music and sharing his gift in live music shows currently around the US in his solo stage act.  via ammg

Listen to the 2013' release of "Live For it"featuring hit song "Ready For you".


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