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Google's Customer Support is horrible!!! They were no help when I contacted them recently about how to add my custom email contact@ebonynsweet.com to my iPhone. But luckily I was able to teach myself on how to do it, so I decided it would be an excellent idea to share this information to all of you!. So have you recently purchased an Domain  and created a costumed email address? For Example: Billy@Hellodolly.com and you don't know how to manually connect IMAP email to your iPhone? Well you're in Luck!!! This blog post will teach you how.

First you need to go to My Account , then Click into the Sign-in Security and turn on the 2-step verification. Then you need to go back to the main sign-in & Security screen and turn on app passwords". Then follow these directions

  The APP passwords option will appear only after you turn on 2-step verification. Click on app passwords to go to the next screen.

 Type in something in the description to help you remember what's it's for.

 Write down your new APP password!!!! You will need it to connect your custom domain email address to your mobile devices and also to your gmail inbox on your PC.

 Now add your new custom domain to your iPhone !!! For Example james@hellobuddy.com

1  Click on the settings app
2. Scroll down and click on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".
3. Scroll down and click "Add Account"
4. Scroll down and click "other"
5. Chose the first option "Add Mail Account
You should be on the New account screen"

6. Type the name of your business "   " in the first line
7. (type in your custom domain email address)        
8. Type in your app password

Then on the next screen type in the following information:

Incoming mail server
Host Name: imap.gmail.com
User Name: (type in your regular gmail address) @Gmail.com
Password: (the password should already be automatically entered)

Host Name: smtp.gmail.com
User Name:

Leave the last two empty. And Click Next... and you're finished.

If you are still  having issues you might need to connect your custom email to your gmail inbox on your PC first. Then go through these steps again. If you need anymore assistance contact me @Ebony_N_Sweet

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