Ebony N' Sweet: Onlyfans.com Review

Alot of people was interested in learning more about Connectpal the New Subscription service that gained alot of popularity with Independent Content creators such as Fitness Trainers, Erotic Models, Artists, Adult Entertainers, Photographers, Podcast and Radio Hosts. As the market continues to grow better options are starting to become available. One of those options is onlyfans.com

OnlyFans.com just like connectpal allows you to supply your digital content such as photos, videos, podcasts and live video to your subscribers for a monthly fee.  Onlyfans.com pays you 80% commission for each Subscriber and 5%  referral from each user that subscribes to your page using your link!  It's the same 85% that Connectpal pays, but it's just structured a bit differently. The best part about Onlyfans is that they pay you exactly what you earn! Onlyfans don't have any hefty penalty for initially starting off with a low subscriber's base or generating less than $200 dollars within an calendar month. On Connectpal the $200 dollar Fee is added to your account if you don't reach their minimum requirement. So even if you reach the $200 requirement during the preceding month or after (60 days), you still won't get paid because that FEE you inquired is automatically  deducted out of your earnings. With this current policy Connectpal is practically giving your content away for free, and getting rich off of your work.

Onlyfans.com have more honest business practices and their platform is completely compatible with mobile phones and tablets through their iPhone and Android app.This platform also allow you to Stream live Video, which adds extra value to your subscription an option currently not available on Connectpal. They also have great customer service and a better presents on social media. If you have already invested alot of time and energy building your Connectpal subscribers I would still recommend creating an Account on Onlyfans.com because it gives your fans more options or ways to purchase your content. It doesn't hurt to have more visibility.

In taking this all into consideration such as great customer service, Streaming Live Video option, No penalties Fees, and Mobile compatible Ebony N' Sweet Gives Onlyfans.com  
4 1/2 out of 5 Stars EXCELLENT!!!

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