Oscar Talk: Was Moonlight a "Queer" Film? I Think Not.

Congratulations are in order for the cast of "Moonlight" and Director Barry Jerkins and Co-writer Tarell Alvin McCraney for winning 3 Oscars for Best Film, Best Supporting Actor & Best Adapted Screenplay. The movie stars R&B Star Janelle Monae, Ashton Sanders, Naomie Harris, Mahershala Ali.

The story details the life of a young black man named (Chiron) during 3 stages of his life while living in a predominantly Black area that's stricken with poverty, drugs and gang violence. Chiron is an character that many of us within the "Black Gay Community" can actually relate to because we to have also dealt with coming to grips with our homosexuality within this ultra-masculine community. But should we label "Moonlight" as an QUEER film?

Categorizing "Moonlight" as a QUEER film is a form of Whitewashing in the media. They have to place a label on the film to make sense of it all. The realistic stories of Masculine Black Gay or Bisexual men are rarely told on the big screen and many are bewildered on how to properly quantify it's meaning and I believe they totally missed the point of the entire film.

Those of us within the Black Gay community that only dates within our "own" race never refer to ourselves as "Queer", it's not apart of our vocabulary and it's word that we don't identify with. Remember Chiron's story was about a Masculine black man that was in love with another Black man... I'm pretty sure there's plenty of  Black Men that date interracially that love calling themselves "Queer", but that wasn't what this particular story was about was it? Lets look at the definition of "Queer".

Masculine Black men within the LGBT community definitely don't go around calling each other "Queer", if you look at the definition it's no different than calling each other "Faggots", it's actually an very derogatory word that the "White LGBT community" adopted and even immortalized on Film.
Again... What part of Chiron's Character in Moonlight have in Common with this foolery?  Queer has been a word that is synonymous with "WHITE" For years... But all of a sudden because of the huge success of the film the White LGBT community wants to claim this film as their own and celebrate it as an Victory for all queers everywhere? I think not. The Black gay community and the issues that effect us have virtually been ignored by Gay Rights Organizations such as GLADD and other Human Rights Groups for years. And  also there is alot of racism within the dating scene as well that I won't touch on today, but you get the point. I just want to make it clear that Moonlight is a Victory for all LGBT "Black" gay youth and we need more stories that reflect "OUR"  life's stories.

Let's place credit where it's properly due to the courageous African American writer Tarell Alvin McCraney for writing a film that finally gives us a voice. And FYI... I definitely won't be browsing through the "Queer" section on Netflix anytime soon. And I can speak for all masculine black gay men in the world, when I say please don't include us in with your Labels.

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