Lyrics N' Pride: Presents XXXTentacion Download pack

The Black Gay Community has embraced Up and Coming Artist XXTentacion. He blends many different styles of music including Alternative/Pop/Electronic/Hip Hop. His Striking Modeling Good Looks & thuggish Appeal has made him a popular attraction online. But it's his music that has been making major waves even Drake has taken notice and have been accused of incorporating XXXTentacion's rap style into his music.. He is currently promoting his new single "Looking for a star, Can't get you out my head" and planning to release 3 more projects this year. Stay tuned!

                                                  Download Pack
The Fall EP2014
Ice Hotel EP 2015
Members Only Vol 1 Mixtape 2015 
Members Only Vol 2 Mixtape 2015
Members Only Vol 3 Mixtape 2015  
It Wasn't Enough EP 2016
Willy Wonka Was A Child Murderer EP 2016

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