Amazon and Google Play is Currently Selling Music by White Supremacist Rock Bands

Racist Rock Band Skinfull: UK-Based

After Digital Music News broke the News that Spotify allowed music from White Supremacist Rock Bands to be available for streaming. I decided to do further research into other Digital retailers that I frequently use such as Amazon Music and Google Play. And there was no surprise here. Yes, there is indeed the same Rock Bands identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center on their platform. I even found a few that Digital Music News or SPLC didn't find. This is unacceptable! Hate groups definitely shouldn't be able to profit on their platform especially if they truly believe in Diversity.

Google Play "White Supremacist Rock band: (Neo Nazi) Rock Band Nazi Dogs"

Here is the full list: Source
96 Brigage
Nazi Dogs
AD Hominem
Bakers Dozen
Barbarous Pomerania
Blood Red Eagle
Brutal Attack
Bully Boys

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