News: Spotify Removes Hate Music

Source: Spotify
Due to all the recent outbreaks of Pro-Hate Group protesting against the removal of Confederate statues across the country in combination of the Trump's Administration failure to distance himself from the violence, an growing number of Companies is taking steps to distance themselves from these White Supremacist groups. Spotify reports that it has removed a wide variety of music from it's streaming service that is considered "Hate Speech", after the publication Digital Music News exposed over 27 White Supremacist Hate Bands on the platform.
A Spotify spokeswoman told Billboard in a statement "that it will take immediate action to remove any content that incites violence against race, religion, sexuality". Source
It's a shame that Spotify took this long to remove Hate speech from it's services and only after being exposed.  Hopefully more companies will take better steps in insuring that their platform is safe and free of harmful content.

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