SnowFallFX Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: Story of a Scar

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Spoiler Alert: If you haven't Watched this week's episode don't continue to read this post. Here we will focus on Franklin's story-line that left everyone in tears last week. Fans of Snowfall was frightened that one of their Most beloved character Leon played by Isaiah John could potentially become a causality. At the end of ep. 8 Franklin comes home to see what appears to be a struggle and soon after discovered that his friend Leon located in his back-yard laying injured on the ground and bleeding out from gunshot wounds to the torso. You can hear sounds of police sirens in the background, so we knew that help arrived. But it was unclear if Leon was going to make it.

The episode begins with Franklin walking home exhausted and in shock after the immediate aftermath of the shooting. His Mother is frantically worried about his whereabouts from having not seen or heard from him all Evening. When he walks through the door the first thing they do is embrace and hug each other giving comfort to what has become an very emotional day for both of them. His mother can now breathe an sigh of relief to know that her son is okay. She revealed to Franklin that Leon, "Was lucky to be alive".  Yes, after a week of crying our eyes out we finally got our answer! Leon is ALIVE!!! He is most definitely an Survivor! And #BlackTwitter rejoices!  That's it.. I don't even have to go any further lol... My man is alive dammit! Leon is most definitely the heart of the show, and we can't lose him this soon right?

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The story-line continues to build allowing the audience to develop an deep understanding & relationship with each character. It gives insight of the life choices that brought them to where they are and why. Another Character on the show that has already stolen my Heart is Ray Ray played by Markice Moore. Earlier in the season he robbed and gave Franklin the beat down with his accomplice Lenny. Ray Ray decided to spare his life and stopped Lenny from Killing him. Franklin was able to get some payback and get his stolen property. But now fate has brought them back together. They might not become friends anytime soon, but they do have a common goal, Making Money! Could they forge a business relationship in the future? We will have to keep watching to find out.

Photo: Snowfall/FX
Snowfall just isn't any Crime Drama, FX takes on an familiar subject and totally refreshes the entire genre with an original 80's story-line. The acting is outstanding all across the board and I can't get enough! The Season finale airs next Wednesday on FX at 10PM EST, 7:00PM PST and you can stream the Entire full season by downloading the FX App in iTunes or Google Play.

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