Violent Protests Erupt in Charlottesville, Virginia

University of Virginia
When I lived in Lexington, Kentucky I would frequently hear stories and reports about KKK Rallys taking place just a few miles away from Kentucky State and Murray State University. Virginia much like Kentucky is a Commonwealth State in the South that have a long history rooted in the Confederacy. Those racist ideals still exist still this day and we have seen yet another example of that over this weekend. White Supremacist groups descended upon the UVA grounds to protest the future removal of Confederate markers around the small town. The protests resulted in the death of 2 police State Troopers and Local Resident Heather Heyer who was killed by 20yr old James Fields. James Fields rammed his car into a crowd striking several innocent peaceful protesters injuring 19 other people. source

This type of activity must be especially difficult for African American Students living on the UVA Campus. So I reached out to the UVA Basketball team for the 2017-18 season for comment via Twitter and as expected my inquiry was ignored probably due to Fear or their Basketball Program's strict policy on social media interaction. However Kyle Guy and Isaiah Wilkins did make an public statement about the incident to their followers.

Black athletes on College campuses especially those that play for Regional Division I Schools are usually immune from racism and bigotry due to their Celebrity status and usefulness on the Court. In short, it doesn't manner if you're black as long as you can Win Games and it can be a rude awakening when they are subjected to the same level of discrimination that ordinarily people (non-athletes) go through. It's a sad truth, and I applaud Kyle Guy and Isiah Wilkins for being brave enough to step up and speak out against racism.

The University has also released an statement below:

I will keep Charlottesville in my prayers!

UVA Basketball Roaster 2017-2018 It's your time to speak out!
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