Black Beauty Skin Care products designed for Kings and Queens

Dove's racially insensitive ad  started a fierce debate about race relationships in this country and forced many within the African American community to start looking for better alternative to suite their "Beauty and Skin care" needs. I searched and found several Black owned businesses that offer better options for people with darker skin tones. Check out our List below.  If you know a brand that wasn't mentioned in this post please comment and tell us all about it! 

Shea Shea Bakery

Delectably designed skincare with natural ingredients safe to use for the whole family.

Soap & Accessories

Hand Crafted Essential Oil Skincare and Holistic Resources

Divine Luxury Soaps and Creams

"Product Benefits" Let the product sell itself..... We do guarantee our soaps.... just ask. Please use these bars before one year.....We don't use corrosive preservatives.

Sereniti Bath Body and You

Indulge in this amazing lifestyle brand of handcrafted products, created by a Licensed Esthetician. Our Visit the spa & be pampered! It is More than Skin Deep.

Artisan Handmade Soaps

Our soap is handmade in small batches to ensure freshness. Our soaps contains moisturizing butters and skin loving oils. Some may contain powdered herbs, micas


Our soaps are made in small batches using a triple butter recipe. We offer something for everyone from vegan to 100% natural to just darn pretty...we got you!

Body Spa Pamperings

Bekura is a specialty, avant-garde line of sanctuary spa naturals inspired to rest fatigued dry skin & hair

  1. From Lia to You
  2. Bask and Bloom Essentials
  3. Kara Knox Skincare
  4. CCs Naturals
  5. Karess Krafters
  6. Sophia Naturals
  7. Naturel Lyfe Essentials
  8. Naturally Me
  9. Elle Skincare Co
  10. Brosily Bath and Body
  11. Soultanicals
  12. Koils By Nature
  13. Noir Classic
  14. The Afro Whisperer
  15. Beija Flor Naturals
  16. Petals Bath Boutique
  17. Pooka Pure And Simple
  18. Earths Nectar
  19. Belle Butters
  20. Brown Butter Beauty
  21. Lumeria Body Care
  22. Southern Elegance
  23. Harlem Soap 
  24. Naturally Fly
  25. Clenapure
  26. Brown and Coconut
  27. Injoy Soapworks
  28. Mocha Tree Organics
  29. Sereniti Bath Body and You
  30. Taproot Organics
  31. Purgasm Shop
  32. Skinfolk
  33. Honey Petals
  34. The Soapy Bar
  35. Hairizon Beauty Bar
  36. BoBeam Natural Products
  37. Cream and Coco
  38. Derm Appetit
  39. Oyin Handmade
  40. BNude Essentials
  41. Jakeala
  42. No'Kyem
  43. Amazing Botanicals
  44. Boob And Baby
  45. Forever Vanity
  46. KraveSpa
  47. Body Culinaire
  48. Polish And Lather
  49. Luxurious Bath Boutique
  50. Good Night Darling Co.
  51. K Body Creations
  52. The Soaking Tub
  53. Reciprocitee
  54. Kissed By Koco
  55. Land Of Pure
  56. FCA Naturals
  57. ILera Apothecary
  58. Jones And Rose
  59. Oh Honey Skincare
  60. Asili
  61. Naturalicious
  62. Amentas Key
  63. Origins Of Eden
  64. FabYouLife
  65. JadenMoon
  66. Nzuri Gold
  67. Mahogany Essentials
  68. Heart Of A Goddess
  69. Natural Mixologist
  70. Irie Essentialz
  71. Day Three
  72. Lather And More
  73. Tender Organics
  74. Custom Blends By 9
  75. Krave Body Works

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