Eli Apple’s Brother, Ex-Stepfather-Manager Are Toxic and Abusive | Mother Saves the Day

John Munson | Courtesy of NJ Advance Media for NJ.com
You might have heard by now that the First-round pick of The New York Gaints Eli Apple has been suspended for the remainder of the season citing "a pattern of behavior that is conduct detrimental to the team". We haven't heard the specifics of what this pattern consists of yet, or heard word from Eli's camp. However, ESPN reports:
The ban came during an eventful Wednesday that included a confrontation with coaches at practice, sources told ESPN.

An argument ensued in part because Apple, a former first-round pick, was again working with the scout team. Words were exchanged between the embattled second-year player and cornerbacks coach Tim Walton, and Apple had to be restrained by teammates. He later declined to talk during an open locker room period with the media.
 via ESPN

But somehow the media has turned their beady lil eyes toward Eli Apple's Family and shamelessly targeting his wonderful "Mother", Annie Apple which I found absolutely ridiculously and disrespectful. Usually 'respected' sports blogs such as BSO and BroBible  are following TMZ and  decided to roll around in the Mud today and published an tasteless unverifiable story supposedly coming from Eli's Half-brother Dane and now Ex-Stepfather/Manger Tim. It's a one sided story and hear-say at best. But that didn't stop BSO & Brobible from running with the story anyway. They citing  some 'Thot' named @ThePhoenix_yg  on twitter as a source whom claims to be the Fiance of Dane Blackson. Are you serious? We never heard of this chic before and she isn't even married to Eli Apple's half-brother yet. So she has nothing to lose in this situation and demonstrating no respect for the family or Eli at all.

Oh and LooK! There's also a Gofundme Page!

What kinda scam are they running here? Why are they trying to raise money and gain sympathy votes in the public? Do you really think we care about you? Get a job! And stop trying to taint Eli Apple image, it's pathetic. It's not his job to take care of you. Ya'll are grown ass adults.

This girl Phoenix is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame. And I hope it was worth it sis.... You pretty much killed any chance of reconciliation 'involving YOU' with his half-brother Dane. He will always accept his brother back into his loving arms, but you will be left out in the cold for the poor conduct you have demonstrated on social media. If I was Eli, I would give him an ultimatum either me or you. And something tells me you're going to lose big time Ms Phoenix aka Potty Mouth. So keep talking girl, keep talking! Sometimes a Lady should behave like a lady, and keep her mouth shut.
Anyway She really looks like a gold digger if you ask me... She must be mighty bummed that she no longer has access to Eli's Millions and the rich lifestyle that he can provide is gone. It sounds like his Mother Annie Apple is doing nothing more but protecting her son from an toxic environment. All of these false claims of "control' and 'manipulation' is nothing more than an attempt to stop all the leachers from taking advantage and abusing Eli. Wouldn't your mother do the same? And I don't know about you, but I would trust my mother to guard my bank account or manage my money anyday of the week! Eli Apple was only suspended for 1 game ending his season in 2017. He might turn things back around in 2018 or his future with the Gaints could be over. It's a little too early to write this kid off, so give him a break. Stop talking about this kid's family and give them some privacy to deal with their issues. It has nothing to do with football.

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