NFL Star Eli Apple's brother Dane Blackson jealous sibling rivalry and fued with Mother Annie Apple

Brothers Dane Blackson (left), Annie Apple (mother), Devion and Eli Apple (far right)
NFL Player Eli Apple is forced in the middle of a bitter family rivalry between his brother Dane Blackson, Ex-Husband Tim Apple and Mother Annie Apple. Our source reveals that Annie's divorce was finalized back in June and Dane had since been leaking false stories to the tabloids starting back in September in attempt to destroy the reputation of their mother.  His family believes he's actions are motivated purely out of spite because he felt that his mother didn't support his career ambitions in becoming a rapper. This news isn't unheard of. Families typically go through their rocky times during a divorce, but it's rare to see it actually play out in the media in such a vicious way. When the New York Gaints suspended Eli for the final game of the year it helped Dane's one-sided stories gain even more traction in the media.

 But there's more...

EBONYNSWEET has learned more details about the ongoing saga between Mother and Son and it gets even crazier by the moment.

We already knew that most of the stories about Annie Apple that was published on TMZ was planted by (son) Dane Blackson Wannabe Rapper and nephew of Comedian Michael Blackson. It's believed that he allegedly wants to use Eli's spotlight to launch his own career and blames his failures on his mother for not financially bankrolling his career with Eli's money. His social media account is full of tweets displaying his obsession with the Kardasians and other celebrities such as 50 cent. He even compares his relationship to Kanye & Kim, sounds weird right? His fiance Amanda Ancello may also be the root of the problem. Our source also reveals that she is allegedly a former stripper that is largely disliked by the Apple Family and is considered a 'Groupie". Her motives behind slandering her future mother-law Annie on social media could be financially motivated. It's believed that she have been scheming to get closer to Eli for a very long time and wants a taste of the celebrity lifestyle by any means necessary.

We checked out Dane's music on YouTube and Lets say that we totally see why Annie Apple didn't support his rap career. His music is simply terrible, amateur at best. He has a better chance in becoming a porn-star with stripper girlfriend Amanda, then being an signed Artist with a record deal. Just being honest! I would pay to see that sextape lol.. Hey Dane... Plenty of people are making cash on Connectpal and Onlyfans maybe it's time for you to strip and make it clap? But anyway, I wouldn't pay a dime to listen to his album.

Furthermore, our sources also reveals that Dane and Amanda are allegedly unemployed with two children and not actually homeless but infact currently living rent FREE in the same house that Annie Apple shared with her ex-husband Tim in Voorhees, NJ. In the past he had also stayed with his celebrity uncle Michael. If they need our help in filling out Job applications we'd be glad to help! But It's no excuse for two grown Adults with small children to not work and pay their own bills.

Dane Blackson has allegedly threatened his family with the release of more information to the media if he doesn't get his way.

We are praying for Eli Apple and his Mother Annie. And we hope that the entire family can get a fresh new start in 2018. The whole situation is just sad, they seemed like a beautiful family in better times.

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