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Poll: The People's Choice 'Top 20 R&B Songs of 2017'

We asked the fans to vote for their Favorite R&B Songs that was featured on this year. The response was amazing and we recieved and calculated over 700 votes. Here is your Top 20! Scroll down to see the results.


20. 'Give a F*ck' Daniel Church

Daniel Church


19. 'Level up' Ness Wilson

Ness Wilson

18. 'Goosebumps Remix' Jake&Papa



17. 'Cups' Jaron White 

Jaron White


16. 'Blow it down' A-Natural



15. 'Something new' Mizzy Lott feat. Ty Asian

Mizzy Lott

14. 'Beat It Down' Tone Stith

Tone Stith

13. 'Bomb' Chris Echols

Chris Echols


11. 'Lay you down' Von


10. 'Don't go Remix' Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross


9. 'In my Feelings' Verse Simmonds

Verse Simmonds


8. 'Take you Home' Angel



7. 'Lover' Lenny Harold

Lenny Harold

6. 'Frequency' Eric Bellinger feat. Blaq Tuxedo

Eric Bellinger


4. 'Bedroom' Exit 21 | 6.7% of the Fan's vote

Exit 21

3. 'Pull up' Carel  | 8% of the Fan's vote


2. 'Neveruary' Malachiae Warren | 15% of the Fan's vote

Malachiae Warren


1. 'Over' Exit 21 ❤️ Winner- #1 | 46% of the Fan's vote

Exit 21

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