Ryan Coolger "Black Panther' Producer makes his first Critical Error

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar announced that he will produce the entire soundtrack for the upcoming Marvel Film "Black Panther', which means the project is already complete and cut into the movie. The release date for the film is just around the corner and set to debut in February worldwide. Kendrick's Team have kept this information Top secret for several months an strategy probably by design. Because now it's a little too late to protest Producer Ryan Coolger's horrible decision and to force changes.

Recap: Back in Jan. 2015 Kendrick Lamar sat down with Complex Magazine and made some disparaging remarks about the African American community in relation to the death of Mike Brown and the intense racial tension going on in Ferguson , Missouri. The shooting of Mike Brown ignited protests all over the country and Kendrick stared his thoughts on the manner:  
"What happened to [Michael Brown] should've never happened. Never. But when we don't have respect for ourselves, how do we expect them to respect us? It starts from within," said Kendrick on the situation in Ferguson.
When Complex released the article the backlash was almost immediate. Kendrick was a trending topic on Twitter in a manner of hours and recieved criticism from Azealia Banks, Lupe Fiasco and thousands of fans.
Kendrick Lamar never Fully apologized to Mike Brown's family or take back his remarks. It's especially problematic because the 'Black Panther' film means so much to the African American Community. It's creation sparked unity & a message of Empowerment within the hearts of every Black person in the US. It's a cultural event of the decade! So it would have been nice if  Ryan Coolger actually chose an artist that also promotes that same message in 'action' as well as in their music. Kendrick Lamar represents the complete opposite of Black Unity, and he doesn't deserve this huge opportunity.

I'm sad to say it... But I will not support the Black Panther film in February. It's wrong for Marvel to allow Kendrick Lamar to produce the entire soundtrack forcing Marvel fans to listen to his music for an entire 2-3 hours. In order to support Black Panther, you must also support Kendrick Lamar. And as a Proud African American that do have "respect" for ones self  I can not cave in and support what Kendrick said. So I have no choice but to take a hard-pass on this one.... I will catch the movie when it leaks online free, Sorry!

Ryan Coolger choose to put his personal relationship with Kendrick in-front of the success of the film.. He's trying too hard to be "cool" and current. Wouldn't it be nice if KRS-One and Lupe Fiasco produced the soundtrack instead with artists that never waived in their support of the Black Community? It would have been lit! I don't blame the Actors in this film at all, they did nothing wrong. I hope they continue to have success. It's unfortunate that not all of the fans can equal enjoy the film.

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