SoundOFF: Fans Voices Concerns over Mainstream R&B Music

An interesting debate began by Twitter user @MR_Greatest on Jan. 23rd about the on-going state of R&B music. The tweet went viral generating over 25,000 retweets and 60,000 likes. Check out what she said.
So does she have a point? Did male R&B Artists of this newer generation lose the Art of Romance and storytelling in their music?

I believe the lack of knowledge or unawareness of R&B platforms such as that do offer an 'alternative' to mainstream radio is the reason why many believe that the genre is suffering and lacking substance, when infact it's thriving! Last year, we posted over 400 albums, eps and mixtapes! Which is a pretty good indication that R&B is on the right track! But there's still alot of work to be done in helping great artists find their audience. Leave a Comment.

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