Marvel Executives Backs away from Kendrick Lamar Releases second soundtrack

Marvel recently released an second soundtrack album Black Panther (Original score) without an appearance from Controversial Rapper Kendrick Lamar. This is welcomed news for Black Panther fans who disapproved of Producer Ryan Cooglers's lazy and selfish decision to handover the entire rights of the soundtrack to Kendrick's recording label Top Dog Entertainment. I believed an better direction for the film would have been to cultivate an more eclectic group of hip hop artists like Lupe Fiasco, Big K.R.I.T., Mos Def, KRS-One or Talib Kweli instead. These artists truly embodies 'Black Pride' and Love for the African American community that never wavered. I'm somewhat pleased that Top Executives finally recognized that not every Black person listens to Kendrick's music or willing to ignore his anti-black political beliefs. Marvel desperately needed to show fans that the movie will not include 2 hours of Kendrick Lamar's lack luster rhymes. see: Kendrick Lamar Ferguson Comments says Black people don't respect themselves

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