It's Time for Twitter to Prioritize Diversity -

Black Content creators that enters the Tech-world finds that companies such as "Twitter Inc." is not very accommodating to them during the verification process in order to receive their exclusive blue badge. There are only a handful of authentic blogs that post exclusively R&B Music in the world, which  would make them fairly easy to point out right? 

But they have gone virtually invisible to the majority "White" ran business at Twitter Inc. whom been criticized in the past for their lack of diversity at their workforce. It's crazy that people whom aren't experts in the world of R&B are the ones that are deciding rather or not your website is authentic. Their lack of diversity could explain why nobody at Twitter inc., are actively searching for content creators/bloggers in the r&b category, but they should be! Something tells me that their administrators would much rather listen to The Beatles than Eric Bellinger. Institutionalized racism plays a major role in this story. They don't see us, because they don't want to see us. But the numbers don't lie!

Forbes magazine reported that Hip-Hop/R&B is the Top Music genre in the U.S. now responsible for 25.1% of all music consumption in the U.S., while rock claims 23%. But people outside of the Black Community have trouble understanding the difference between Hip Hop/Rap and R&B. It doesn't help that created a chart that mashed-up artists of both genres together. And there are several popular websites such as Hip Hop  DX, HotNewhiphop, and XXL that all market themselves as Hip Hop/R&B, but more than 90% of their content is exclusively rap music.  
In addition those particular websites aren't owned by Black content creators/bloggers. Rap music is truly the most dominate standalone genre in the  U.S., combining it with the R&B genre makes it appear even more dominate. So it's understandable why those websites are bending the truth a little bit to attract more vistors to their website. But lost in the fray are Black content creators that focus exclusively on singers, not MCs. As it stands there is only one r&b website (thisisrnb) that's verified on twitter, that's shameful and disrespectful to the Black Community. It's an offense that's clearly gone unnoticed. There isn't a huge outcry, and most of the other bloggers that are affected chose to stay silent. Maybe out of fear or maybe they just believe that complaining simply doesn't work. But staying quiet don't work either.
Why do we need to be verified?
The blue badge has become a signal to many twitter users that your website is relevant, reliable and current. When you're verified it says that you are knowledgeable of your respected field and that you create content that's of public interest. This will ultimately open doors for your platform. The effects of verification is far reaching, for example if you're verified on facebook or twitter (wikipedia) will allow you to use your backlinks on their website. Last year 87% of website traffic came from referrals on wiki.  In May wikipedia generated over 5.5 billion pageviews. So you can really see why i'm really upset, right? Thisisrnb has an unfair advantage over it's competitors and was given the edge.
Also, the fans & artists alike would look at your account and deem it worthy of their attention, follow or share your links which helps you increase your webtraffic and more. It would give you greater access to record labels and make your job alot easier. It's extremely difficult to get a retweet or a follow these days as a blogger if you aren't verified and most music fans will dismiss you as just being another twitter user. But we are anything but "regular". I estimated that the Top 10 R&B Blogs within the first quarter of the year generated over 10 million pageviews/visitors and only accounted for 7% of that number. This doesn't count their social reach on other platforms such as soundcloud, audiomack or YouTube. If i did count those numbers it will blow up to another 4-5 million. For example my audiomack channel recieved over 250,000 streams this year. The largest shareholder between January through May is which also unsurprisingly lacks an verification badge too. Yes, the #1 R&B Blog in the country last quarter is not VERIFIED. That's horrible.
I've done plenty of research on the topic and read dozens of posts on 'Marketing blogs' about how to obtain verification. Well it seems like if success and amassing a huge following doesn't work, your only other option is to contract with a "Media partner' with twitter and pay an expensive fee. The going price for verification is around $2,000 that's too rich for my blood! Does money really show true authenticity? The entire system is flawed and simply unfair.
At the moment it doesn't seem like the current system will improve anytime soon. Clowns such as Fake Klay Thomas and Ice JJ Fish are both enjoying verified accounts over qualified authentic blogs it's a joke. Do they really believe that Ice JJ fish is more important than Rnbass, singersroom and youknowigotsoul? I would guarantee that if all of the Top 10 R&B blogs deleted their websites today, it would cause a huge hole in the industry especially in the underground scene. In-order for things to change there first need to be more unity among R&B Artists (signed or independent) and Bloggers. Everybody needs to speak on it... in a meaningful way. Just ask yourself this question. If we were all gone tomorrow, where would you go to find new r&b? You can't depend on Complex Magazine or Fader, they only care about independent artists once they make it.

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