Bobby Sessions - Rvltn (Chapter 1): The Divided States Of Amerikkka (Album)

Bobby Sessions was born and raised in Pleasant Grove, Dallas Texas, a predominantly Black, low-to-lower middle income neighborhood southeast of the metroplex — a place that prepares better for survival than stardom. Midway through his formative years, Bobby and his family relocated to Rowlett, a suburb 20 miles northeast, and it can be argued that Bobby’s proximity to both realities are essential to the development of the perspectives illustrated in his music. The absence of police sirens and helicopters allowed a young Bobby Sessions to develop a passion for learning and an imagination bordered only by the limits of language. Poetry became his preferred and most celebrated medium but a few years of college in Denton, TX would repurpose Bobby’s creative strengths into what would bring him more personal fulfillment than he ever imagined. It was at the University of North Texas in 2010 that Bobby first penned a poem over a beat, and he hasn’t looked back since. via Defjam  Read more here

Check out Sessions's latest project 'Rvltn  (Chapter 1) The Divided States of Amerikkka'.

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