Lloyd Reveals Cover-art and release date for New Album "Tru"

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Lloyd released the album cover-art and due date which is on August 31st for his new LP "Tru'. It's the follow-up to his 2016 EP of the same name. This album will be his third major release under his Independent label Young Goodie Music and will include 10-tracks lead by the first unofficial single "Caramel", available after you pre-order.

Social media's reaction to  Lloyd's new album-art has been mixed, primarily by the African American community, which I find can be a bit hypothetical in regards to topics of sexual nature. They will cheer while watching sex scenes in HBO's Insecure's or Starz's Power, yet criticize Black artists for exercising their freedom of expression as well.

Naturalism isn't a new concept in the US, White artists have enjoyed expressing their love for being in the buff for years, with very little to no criticism at all. In-fact Justin Beiber's legions of white female fans practically begged him for years to release his nudes. He finally complied with the request and in 2016 released photos from his Naturalist retreat while vacationing in Hawaii, with then girlfriend Sahara Ray.
Justin Bieber
Naturalist Vacation in Hawaii (2016)
Lloyd didn't show his gentialia or buttocks in any of his nude photoshoots. He only insinuated nudity, which gave us just an hint of flesh without showing too much. He handled this approach in the most 'tasteful' way possible. We seen the same reaction to Karl Anthony Town's ESPN Body Cover. So whats the problem? We live in an era where we praise Rihanna and Taraji P for posing nude citing "Female Empowerment", while black men are left far behind.

Taraji P Henson
Lui Magazine


You would 'think' that more Black women would encourage their favorite male stars to appear nude, more often in media publications and  film. Black women need to learn that they 'too' deserve nice things. Don't shyt on your own blessings. Lloyd is a beautiful black man, and He should take off his clothes every chance he get. Not all of Lloyd's fans have expressed an negative opinion. There might be hope for some of us, after all.

We here at Ebonynsweet.com support Lloyd 100% on his Journey as an Independent. He recently celebrated his (2016) single "Tru" being certified platinum with 1 million in sales/streaming equivalents via riaa. He Must be doing something right!


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