R.Kelly denied all the allegations of sexual abuse on new 19-minute song 'I Admit'

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The Media is having a field day with R. Kelly's latest song an introspective piece about his issues with infidelity, the torn relationship with his family, lost friendships and being molested as a child. But as usual the lynch Mob known as Social Justice warriors within the #BlackTwitter Community opted not to listen to the nearly 20 minute song. But instead decided that it's much more entertaining to take the title of the track and deem it as a worthy confession; when infact he actually denied all the allegations of pedophilia and sexual misconduct.
I Admit I Admit I'm a Freak, use to go to the strip clubs every week. But who these niggas try to say I am man, I'm not and I put that on chief. I admit that I fuck with all the ladies that's both old and young ladies. But tell me how they call that pedophile man that's crazy.
That sounds like a denial of the allegations to me, not an confession! The Keyword here is "Ladies", which is plural for Lady. A lady is typically between the ages of 18 and older. But I allow the lynch mob to continue with their bullshyt.

He touched on his financial situation and being diagnosed with an Learning disorder dyslexia. He also admitted to not being able to read or write  and dropping out of high-school which resulted in him being taking advantage of in the music industry. He signed contracts that made him lose control over his publishing, which means he won't receive royalties from all the hit songs that he wrote over the last 30+ years.

Kelly knew that the general public would take this song and twist it's true meaning just to push their malicious agenda. He wrote:
I never thought that it would come to this, being the most disrespected artist. So I had to write a song about it, because they always take my words and twist it. Believe me it's hard to admit all this, But im in my feelings about this shyt.But I had to set the fucking record straight.
He later asks, is he suppose to lose his career over your opinion? Kelly was never convicted of a crime.

A List of things Robert Kelly did Admit to in this song None of which are being an abuser:
  • Being a Freak
  • Telling the Truth
  • Dropped out of school
  • Contemplating going into retirement
  • Don't go to church
  • Can't read or write
  • Drinking and smoking
  • Sleeping with his Friend's girlfriend 
  • Being too trusting
  • Tempted by drugs
  • Bad Management of his career
  • Messing with young and old "ladies". Keyword "Ladies", not children.
  •  Firing and hiring new management
  •  Don't own his music publishing
  • Admit to friendship with Wendy Williams
  •  Diagnosed with Dyslexia
  • Admit to losing relationship with John Legend, Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner
  • A Victim of molestation
  • Not being perfect
  • Loving his fans
  • Having Backstabbing friends

At the end of the day people will take sides and believe any rumor that's leaked online. All you need is just the allegation with no proof of any criminal activity. The court of public opinion reigns supreme and it's unfortunate that an Legend such as R. Kelly is forced to address it, over and over again for the last 15 years.We support R. Kelly 100% and hope that he's able to find peace & happiness.

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