Tip of the Day: How to avoid scams from Adult Webcam Models

Periscope the popular live broadcasting app which allows users to interact with specific followers and create private groups & live streams has become a popular destination for Amateur Adult Models; whom uses this system to extend their services and charge their viewers a fee to view their show. It might sound like a great idea initially, but it have unfortunately opened the door for opportunist looking to scam you out of your hard earned money! We call it the "Scope Scam".

Here's how the Scope scam works....
  • First they broadcast a live public stream with a title or headline that advertise a live private show.
  • Then they request for you to send them the minimum amount of $5-10 through Ca$h App.
..... sounds simple right? This scam plays on the fact that most unsuspecting people are extremely trusting and/or gullible. And because the amount is so small, most people will just take the lost. Money transfer apps like Ca$h App, Vimeo and Apple Pay was designed to make it simple to send funds to your family or family instantly. It wasn't designed to conduct business transactions. Most online services except for paypal don't have an option to dispute an transaction to receive an refund. So, if you don't receive your product your completely out of luck and your Local Bank will not help you receive your money back. For example Square Inc., the company that owns Ca$h app have secret deals already in-place with financial institutes around the U.S. and globally to refuse all reverse transactions, because it's costly and time consuming. Because of this loophole it opened the door for scammers that's looking to make a quick buck. The risk of getting criminally prosecuted are low, and the rewards are very high.


How Do I avoid being scammed?

I have carefully observed hundreds of live broadcasts over the last 2 years and identified the common traits shared among all of the 'Scope Scammers' and learned the Do's and Don't(s).
  • Previews Never send money to an periscope user acting as an Amateur Adult Model if they don't have any preview material. Their page should have recorded broadcasts that displays their body. Nudity isn't allowed on public broadcasts, but they can be in a state of undress, like being shirtless wearing underwear or a towel. They first need to prove that they have a willingness to be nude. Ask yourself the following questions: Do they know how to attract a crowd? Are they a natural freak? How much do they talk about sex during their live broadcasts? Have you ever seen them on webcam wearing the bare minimum?  If they don't seem like a very sexual person, you're probably right. It's a high risk that they are a scammer.
  • Good Reviews What are the other users saying about this broadcaster? Are there giving him or her good reviews? Do they have many satisfied customers? If nobody can vouch or verify the Model's services, you should proceed with caution.
  • Tracking System Every great webcam model has a system in place to track their customer's payments to ensure that they will receive their product and be invited to join their private group or private broadcast once payment is recieved. I've seen models use different strategies such as writing their customer's names on a piece of paper, request their fans to send a screenshot of your receipt to their email or include screen-name in the subject-line of an invoice. If they ask you to send money without a plan, avoid them at all costs.
  •  Professionalism You should evaluate the model's ability to communicate. Are they able to give you clear details about their services? If you're confused or have any questions they should be willing and able to effectively give you the much needed information. 
  • Schedule Times The Model must ensure that you will receive the product in a timely manner. Find out if they are scheduling their shows immediately after the public broadcast or at a later time. In case you miss the show, ask if they have a good policy for making you entirely whole such as sending you exclusive photos or video.
They also need to have their terms set and locked-in, and not change them every second. If they constantly change their terms like the cost of the fees or showtimes, it leaves confusion and distrust. Avoid any model that's not clear and direct.

Ultimately the Model should have a strong desire to act in the fans best interest and willing to do what's necessary to set themselves apart from the Scope Scammers to be successful. I hope this helps! Be safe.

🚨Consumer Alert🚨 Cash App Fraud | Scammer (Mj. Daking aka Realpshxt)

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