Instagram Thot Teyana Taylor Slanders Legendary R&B Singer Jeremih

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Struggle Rapper and basketball wife Teyana Taylor who's most known for her outrageous and violent behavior over the years Teyana Assault woman at studio has recently announced on twitter that she is dropping out of Jeremih's hit tour following an incident at their Aug. 13th show in NYC.

During her psychotic rant on twitter she alleged that Jeremih purposely poured water on the stage in hopes that she would fall during her set. In addition to not allowing her to close the NYC Show which is her home town. 

But we fail to see how Teyana was mistreated in this situation. Her story doesn't add up. Jeremih has way better things to do than to carry out petty acts like that while on tour. If there was water on the stage, I'm sure it didn't appear there with any malicious intent. Jeremih is not in control of the cleanliness of the stage nor is he personally responsibly to mop floors. This is an issue for the stage manager or stage hands. If the stage wasn't kept up to her standards she should have brought that complaint directly to management. It seems like this was just a small issue that could have been resolved. The only person that's acting like a "diva" is Teyana Taylor.

Teyana is also not billed as the Headlining performer on this tour. As you can see below the tour billed 'Jeremih' as the headliner to support his last platinum selling album "Late Nights".
Teyana do not have the right to close a show when she's billed as the opening act, even if the show is in her own hometown. My question: Would she have asked for this same courtesy if this was a Chris Brown or Bruno Mars Tour? I think not. The most meaningful thing she has done in her career was appear on a episode of MTV's Sweet 16 in 2011 and danced barely clothed in a Kayne West Video in 2017. In 2018, she's more known for being a basketball wife than a singer. She should be grateful to be on tour with a much more established artist like Jeremih.

Since Teyana Taylor's fans are currently experiencing selective amnesia about Jeremih's career, let me remind them. He was featured in 19 hit songs that charted on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and also have 30 songs that landed on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop Charts (8 of those songs hit the Top 10). Since 2009, Jeremih have earned 18 Gold and platinum certifications from the riaa and sold over 15 million records.

Down On Me
Jeremih Featuring 50cent
Peaked at #4 on 4.30.11

Birthday Sex
Peaked at #4 on 6.13.2009

Don't Tell 'Em
Jeremih Featuring YG
Peaked at #6 on 10.25.2014

Natalie La Rose Featuring Jeremih
Peaked at #10 on 4.11.2015

Peaked at #19 on 4.23.16 

Do You Mind
DJ Khaled Featuring Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Aslina, Jeremih, and Future
Peaked at #27 on 12.10.2016 

Hold you Down
DJ Khaled Featuring Chris Brown, August Aslina, Future and Jeremih 
Peaked at #39 on 11.29.2014

Jeremih Featuring J. Cole
Peaked at #44 on 9.12.2015 

That Way
Wale Featuring Jeremih & Rick Ross
Peaked at #49 on 11.19.2018

Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)
Peaked at #51 on 9.26.2009 

This is just a small sample of Jeremih's Hit records. He was also featured on hit songs with Nelly, Dreezy, The Game, Meek Mill, French Montana and Big Sean. Jeremih is an extremely low-key artist, He don't seek out attention and very humble about his success. But don't be fooled he's a major artist in the r&b world. He is definitely considered an Top 10 Male R&B Artist of the last decade sitting along side Trey Songz and Chris Brown.

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