T'Soul exposed by Julio Gomes's Manager on Tumblr

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T'Soul Born February 3, 1987 (age 31 years), from Richmond, VA. When TSoul was a child, his grandmother would sit him at her piano and teach him how to play. The first time he sang in public was in the middle school choir. In college, TSoul joined his school's gospel choir, where he had the chance to perform all over Europe, including for the Pope at the Vatican. At 20 years old, with no job and no backup plan, T'Soul decided to commit to following his dream of music completely while couch surfing with friends in New York and Atlanta. When he is not gigging or writing music, he helps with his family's catering business for extra income. T'Soul recieved his lucky break and appeared on NBC's The Voice and captivated the audience and was chosen by #TeamBlake. He was eventually eliminated but he went on to release new music and preform on stage at much of the fans delight. via nbc

Recently, the manager of Porn Star Julio Gomes known online as Shootter718 exposed a screen-shoot of T'Soul masturbating on a couch with him, his client (Julio), and another unidentified man. Shootter718 quickly deleted the post after T'Soul's fans instantly recognized him. It's unclear if T'Soul will become an Adult performer or if this was this just a private moment shared among friends. We won't display the photo on our site, but you can see the photo by clicking the link below.

Update: 9-6-18
T'Soul recently contacted us to tell he's side of the story. He claims that Julio Gomes's manager (Shootter718) is extorting him financially. However, he did admit that he participated in a orgy with 2 other men including Shootter718 (4 years ago) but also claimed that women attended this sex party, not seen in the photo. He's concerned that this situation would be labeled as "GAY".

We believe that there's always 3-sides to every story and the truth will lay somewhere in the middle. However we find it troubling how GROWN black men still feel like they can't be themselves and 'truthful' about their sexuality in 2018. It's nothing wrong with exploring and having fun. Every human being has sex, it's just part of life. And he needs to learn that in the "Gay Lifestyle", nothing stays secret for long, especially when you're dealing with messy people like Shootter718. Eventually somebody will tell all your business. Personally we believe that T'Soul is way too phine and talented to be hanging out with low lives like Shootter718. Hopefully he'd practice better judgment in the future. We will continue to keep an eye out on this situation and see how it develops.

Tsoul, porn, julio gomes, tumblr, singer, The Voice, NBC, r&b/soul, r&b, music
Tsoul, porn, julio gomes, tumblr, singer, The Voice, NBC, r&b/soul, r&b, music
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