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Hayden Monteleone is an Dominican-Italian 29 yr old Fitness Model/Trainer from NY according to his Modelmayhem page. Initially he started out preforming webcam-shows and selling Nude pics/videos to private buyers about 5-6 years ago. Sadly, subscription services like Onlyfans and Connectpal wasn't available at this time. But that wouldn't have made much of a difference. Because, Hayden just like so many 'instagram models' before him, just looks at onlyfans.com as an opportunity to cash-in on his massive popularity to Scam his fans out of their hard earned money.

The Reviews are starting to surface online across several LGBT forums and it's not looking pretty. And you might notice that you can't find any of these "Bad Reviews" anywhere on his instagram page. That's because he blocks fans that posts negative feedback; which is usually the first sign that he could potentially be running a scam. The fans are issuing a Consumer warning that says Montelone is allegedly using photos that was originally meant for instagram, but considered 'too hot' based on their Community Guidelines and instead opting to post them on his Onlyfans page. So if you looking for pornography such as masturbation/jerk videos, you might be out of luck.

Read what the fans are saying:
I'm signed-up for Hayden's OnlyFans page. Basically he took a lot of pics off IG and now is posting them on OnlyFans like every third day. He did one sexy dance but he comes across as a tool (he does have a huge tool but he's not posting that on OnlyFans). Here's three old pics I found.  Quote~ lpsg user
It was reported that photographer Rick Day also have an Onlyfans account and posted nude pics of Hayden from a recent photo-shoot that they have done together.
 Rick Day has recent nude photos of Hayden on his onlyfans account.  Quote~ lpsg User Kingsteven87
There are over 200 comments on lpsg with the same sentiment. When there's smoke there's usually fire.
This follows the same pattern that we've seen time and time again by other Instagram Models. It seems like Hayden is just using his sexuality as a promotional tool ⁠—hoping it could lead to other opportunities. He most likely believe that preforming in solo Porn videos is  "beneath him" and it doesn't help that he has a girlfriend at home that don't participate. So he's probably severally limited by his "wifey" on what he's allowed to do. Furthermore, these so called "instagram models" have a very low opinion about the Adult Industry in general. They don't approach Onlyfans as a Real Business opportunity with the Entrepreneurial spirit.

Hayden definitely have potential to become an instance success, if he can manage to take it seriously.  But, It's never a good plan to piss off your own fanbase. He needs to give the fans exactly what they want or bow out.
After scrolling through his instagram page, it's not unreasonable to believe that you will see some Real XXX action once you subscribe to his onlyfans page. It's misleading to post photos that insinuates full nudity, and then don't deliver. It's also not a good sign that there is only (16) videos uploaded after 9 months of activity. I recommend that you save your money and lend your support to a more deserving Model such as Quinton Storm.

Check out the real photo without the deceptive photo-shopped/edit below.

Did you believe it was a full nude? Think again. I still believe Onlyfans is an excellent opportunity for Freelance Erotic/Models to make revenue online easily from the comforts of their home. However, it's still a very young platform and more could be done to protect consumers against scams/fraud.

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