Dominic Ford's "JustForFans" The New destination for pay-for-view Adult Content

The easy "Do It yourself" subscription services like Dominic Ford's is paving the way for paid-to-view content on the web, which allows Professional and Amateur Models to deliver adult content directly to the fans with no middle-man like Modeling agencies or production studios for a fee.

In 2017, Forbes reported that subscription company websites had exploded to about 37 million visitors. That number has grown by over 800% since 2014.  

There's no doubt that innovative subscription services is the future to the continued growth of revenue in online commerce.

If you're not familiar with them, Connectpal, Onlyfans and Subscribeplace offers a marketplace that can delivers Adult Content, among many other things. But JustFor.Fans is the latest website on the scene and has become the clear winner among all the competition.

JustforFans's aim is to give Erotic Entertainers the tools necessary to quickly create their own subscription business within minutes, without all the headaches and time spent building your own website from the ground up. 

There are several features on that sets them apart from similar services. Currently, they are the only subscription service that allows a Model to feed their posts through tumblr.  For years tumblr has been a popular destination for viewing Adult content, with over 50 million active users. Many models initially get their start on tumblr, so it's great that they can have their posts feed through their blog to their followers. Private messaging such as texting to a real cell number is an option that can't be found on any other service. And instead of having to use an add-on extensions on Firefox or Chrome to download videos there's an option to download directly to your hardrive. Models also have an option to sell merchandise such as sex toys, posters, and personal items directly to their fans with their very own unique storefront! 

What else makes Just for Fans better?

No Agency/Employment Relationship
As explained in their terms of service agreement, it states that the Site acts as an online third-party publishing forum. Read the following excert below.
Should you determine except as specifically set forth in these terms of use, provisions, and conditions, Your use of this Site and the content hereof and/or any third party site and the content thereof, and the provision of any information while using this Site or any third party site (including, without limitation, e-mail services, if any) shall not create and/or constitute any business, joint venture, or other relationship between You and Just4fans. J4F does not undertake any duty to supervise any Publisher’s content or activity through the Site at any time.
This means that models on J4F aren't considered independent contractors, thus giving you the ability to avoid having your pay withheld like on Onlyfans for failing to fill out IRS W-9 form. You're still considered a self-employed individual and responsible for reporting and paying your own taxes. If you are a US Citizen, Just4Fans will send you a 1099 form at the end of the year.

Better interface with room for improvement set a new standard on usability with their left-side navigational panel. There you can browse through your favorites, the movie store, and explore their marketplace of the various  models available.

Preview before you buy
Arguably one of the best features, and one of my favs are the great lengths that go through to ensure that fans aren't fooled into making a purchase that they'd regret. This feature is a "snapshot preview panel" (seen above) that allows you to see the amount of videos, photos, likes, posts and fans each model current have available on their account.
In the past we reported on the rampant issues that plagued Adult based services such as models infrequency of posts, lack of nudity and short video clips that's only seconds in length. However with you can view an caption above the video that details the running time of each video. There's also an option that Models can enable to allow potential customers to view a short preview of the video, or watch the entire video for free as a selling point to encourage you to subscribe.

So will you be signing up to join Today? We think it would be worth your time! We Rate an 5/5 stars!

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