Model Antonial Barnes: The Career that Never was..

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Antonial Barnes, best known as Antthemodel and Ayo-Tech is an American Model/Internet Personality from Arizona. He gained instant fame 5-6 years ago after releasing an couple masturbation/jerk off videos on the popular Adult Site He had the potential to be one of the greatest Adult/Erotic Solo Performers of all time, but instead listened to the wrong advice, with false hopes of becoming an successful R&B Artist. Ebony N' Sweet is ranked in the Top 10 R&B Websites in the US and believe me when I say, that he can't actually sing at all. Barnes is probably one of the worst singers we have heard in a long time. When you are a decent looking guy, people  have a tendency of telling you what you wish to hear, instead of the truth, which can contribute to his delusions. For 3 years, he promoted his instagram account by releasing professional nude photos on various Adult blogs on tumblr. And then he used the old bait and switch strategy. Once he got people's attention, he attempted to redirect his fans to his "Music". However, musical talent isn't something that just falls into your lap at the old age of 25. It's a God given talent that begins the moment that you are born. I'm being genuinely honest. Take a listen.
Horrible right? is probably the only R&B Website that would dare post this song. He should send me an Thank You Letter.

Anyway, It's obvious that he's Management team is steering him into the wrong direction. They discouraged him from diving too deeply into a career of Erotic/Adult Entertainment in hopes that it would help him gain more mainstream opportunities which will never come. He didn't gain 38,000 followers on instagram because of the music, it's because of the Nude Modeling. It will serve him alot better in the future by never forgetting that. Let his story be a cautionary tale for others. Don't surround yourself with Suck-ups and Yes-Men. Forbes Magazine details this phenomenon very clearly.

It's perfectly Natural to want to be with people who agree, support, and praise you all the time. Suck-ups make us feel like we're curled up with a warm blanket. Everything is okay, even cozy. We feel safe with them. We Trust them.

These people may make us feel good, but they're not always good for us. In fact, we could be a pawn in their game; an unwitting accomplice in helping them achieve an unhealthy degree of power and influence over our decisions and actions. ~Quote~ Forbes Magazine Read more here

 He has over 38,000 followers, yet he can't get 100 people to view his music related posts. 

Barnes Fitness/Modeling Photos generated over 1,500 likes, not bad. But even better is the preformance of his Nude photography on Tumblr which generated hundreds of "thousands" of likes and reblogs, and helped him grow to 38,000 followers on instagram. You see where I'm getting at? He need to embrace his true talent. Not everybody is blessed with "Porn-star" like qualities. He can literally make millions of people jerk their meat simultaneously, the moment he takes off his clothes. He should be proud of that particular talent and capitalize on it. Thousands of his Fans would gladly pay to Join his Adult XXX subscription on and I estimate he could make over $100,000 dollars within the first year. He's practically leaving thousands of dollars behind to pursue a failed music career. His management team are complete idiots!

The Black Gay Community contributed to the problem. They can be very hypocritical  toward pornstars. I'm sure their would be plenty of negative comments directed toward him if he did attempt an career in the Adult Industry. But fear shouldn't stop him from pursing his true career path. But I guess when you're a great looking guy, the world can still be very accommodating to you regardless. He probably got a Sugar Daddy at home right now to make up the difference. It must be nice.

 Check out the video and photo gallery below that brought him National attention.

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