Zaena x Jason Maek - NIce To Meet ya (Official Music Video)

Check out the Official Music video for "Nice To Meet Ya" Directed by Jason Maek. Songstress, Zaena points out her deepest flaws and declares her desire to meet her real self again.

We all have different versions of ourselves, whether if it’s for social media, work, our parents, our friends, etc.”, says Jason Maek. “But sometimes we get lost within all these versions of us that we forget who we really are. That is what this song is about.”
“Nice To Meet Ya is one of my favorite songs because it’s real”, says Zaena. “The lyrics are raw and unfiltered. They express how Jason and I really feel about ourselves. If you listen, you can hear who we really are when the mics and cameras are turned off.”


Look out for the release of their sophomore project ‘Freshman Vol.1", that's dropping in the near future. 

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