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Late Saturday Evening, news broke that  NBA Star Dwight Howard was involved in a domestic dispute with his "alleged" Gay Ex-Lover @MasinElije who so happens to be a transsexual woman. 

Firstly, I like to point out that the credibility of the person making the accusations is highly suspect. It was said, that Masin Elije also ran a similar story with Rapper Playboy Carti sometime last year.  If you like you can follow her timeline here:

LGBT Activists on Social media are trying to make this an Human Rights issue. But I like to give my prospective as a Black Gay man and discuss this phenomena within the Black Gay community that we call the "Down Low" Lifestyle, and why I don't feel sorry for Dwight Howard. When I first came out in the early 90's I quickly realized that there were two different types of Black gay men in our scene. Those that were honest about their sexuality and the ones that aren't. I discovered that certain gay men thrive off of being dishonest with their family and friends about their sexuality. They get a sexual thrill out of sneaking around undetected. In our community, it's a fantasy to have an sexual encounter with an Heterosexual man, so much so that people are willing to lie and falsely label themselves "Straight" or "Bisexual"  just to secure a date with a man that they perceive as being more "masculine". Some gay men will do anything to obtain that "Exclusivity", sex that they believe is rare or elusive. It's an aphrodisiac. Even the Porn industry with websites such as Seancody, Latinboyz, and Fratmen popularized this notion through films labeled as "Gay for pay". When both Adult preformers label themselves "Gay", but Act in gay films as straight. It's confusing right?

I decided early on in my 20's that I wasn't going to allow myself to fall down the rabbit-hole to live a deceitful lifestyle. It's possible to be discreet, without sneaking around into dirty hotel rooms and the constant worry of being discovered. But, I do realize that there are thousands of men out there who have valid fears about coming out the closet. However, for many it's just a necessity in-order for them to get what they want. So, I don't believe that Dwight Howard's situation is solely an "Human Rights" issue. I believe he found some joy in sneaking around, and getting away with it. He might not have made the choice to be gay or bisexual, but the way he decided to live his life in-order to excel in his career was a choice. It's totally his fault that he didn't protect himself in this situation. 

Howard, has some hard choices to make ahead of him. He can choose to ignore the allegations and move forward the "most likely" scenario, or come out the closet and become a role model for many LGBT youth that's struggling with the same issues. Ultimately,  he will have to make the best choice that he decides "work" best for him.

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