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Netflix"s Drama Carter High

Aundre Dean

Aundre Dean was born and raised in Houston Texas. He excelled at  football and academics from a young age and earned a full ride  scholarship to play football at TCU. While at TCU Aundre fell in love  with acting and took classes throughout his time there and earned a  degree in Broadcast Journalism. After a very successful career playing  running back at TCU former injuries cut his pro football dreams short  but this also allowed him to get back into his second love, acting.  Aundre starred in and was the comic relief on the hit E! show "Escape  Club." After finishing that show, Aundre moved out to LA in August of  2014 to fully pursue acting. Soon after moving to LA he booked and  recently wrapped his first lead role starring along side Charles Dutton,  Pooch Hall and Vivica Fox in the feature film "Carter High." The film  is a true story based on the 1988 Carter Football Robbery set to be  released in 2015. Since moving to LA, Aundre has also booked and shot a  pilot for a hidden camera show on CW, he has booked both commercial and  fashion print work locally and Nationally. He continues working hard at  his craft training with Lesly Kahn and is currently writing a few shows  of his own. via imdb

Before he was famous.....He appeared in a porn video for Jockphysical.com owned by Michael Castagne whom the Dallas Observer claim was convicted in 1985 of Sexual performance and fondling a child. Castagne was later killed in 2015 by Daeveion Mangum and shortly after his website was removed off the internet. We will not display the video on our blog, however you can watch the #NSFW Video Here


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