Why do Black Men have issues with Profiting from their sexuality?

It's been over 2 years since the inception of the Popular Subscription based service Onlyfans.com and Connectpal. Yet there have been relativity very little participation of the use of these platform by African American Men. Hundreds of White and Latino Male & Female Amateur Models have taking full advantage and cashed in big! On Average, Models are generating between $1,000- $4,000 per month for as little as 1-2 hours worth of work per week. At the minimum of ($1,000.00) it would take you 40 hours at $12.50 per hour to make the same amount money at a traditional job.

For now, it seems like most Black men are more comfortable displaying nudity for free or masturbating for a small female audience on periscope or occasionally releasing a freaky video on instagram or Tumblr. Some are willing to accept a nude photo-shoot if it's attached to a professional modeling gig, but not willing to start their own Adult Subscription Business.

This big disparity could be due in-part to African American's roots in Slavery & Liberation theology, or christian values that was taught to us by our oppressor. Slave owners taught Black people  to feel shame and hide their beautiful skin, because it offended them. Even if they never attended a church session in their life-time, these values are generational an deeply embedded into our consciousnesses. Basically, to them getting freaky is "okay" as long as there's no financial gain. There is guilt, an dirty feeling associated with earning revenue from this type of work. Sadly, people that come from other ethnic backgrounds are far ahead of Black men in the sexual revolution. As a race we keep lagging behind and anyone that tries to profit from it are instantly ridiculed.
Model/Nude Exhibitionist Antonial Barnes

Nude Exhibitionist Tre Christian

Popular Internet personalities whom are notably missing from Connectpal and Onlyfans Include; Antonial Barnes, Tre Christian, Bryn't, DJ Polo, J Brooka, OneBigChoppa and many more.

Another point that was made by the New York Times is Hollywood and Pop Culture's Attitude toward black sexuality in general and How racism contributes to the problem.

A black penis, even the idea of one, is still too disturbingly bound up in how America sees — or refuses to see — itself. ~New York Times Quote
Are we taught by our oppressors to stay clothed and out of site? It's common place to see a White Man or Woman undress on the Silver Screen, even on basic Cable Television. We gotten so use to seeing it, to the point that the audience barely even notice! For Decades, systemic racism has suppressed the Black Community by making acting roles very hard to come by and as a result we are lagging far behind in all areas.. 

When the impossible does happen, it's made into a big deal. And the reaction isn't always, so kind. Below average Trolls on social-media who lacks their own sexuality and filled with jealousy and envy are usually the first to attack these Models. Check out these tweets below:

My Response to the Critics

If you going to make jokes, atleast be knowledgeable on the subject. Amateur Models using connectpal or onlyfans would be considered Independent contractors and would not file a W-2, they would file a 1099-Miscu, 1040-ES. .And supplying updated content week after week takes dedication both in the Gym and in the creating/filming process and is considered work. They provide a much needed service to millions of horny adults (Supply and Demand). Furthermore, the content on pornhub isn't free. Pornhub made a deal with several Adult Film Production companies and Amateur Models to share in advertising revenue. Pornhub is the 15th largest website in the world, with over 100 million daily streams. Everytime you click on a video, it generates revenue for them. The trait that most of the biggest critics share is pure ignorance on how basic business/economics works.
If you can get passed the criticism the benefits will outweigh the risks. It's a complex issue, that would need a mature approach.

Afro-centric blogs such as Ebonynsweet.com will continue to promote a positive message about black sexuality and lend support to those wishing to express it such as Quinton Storm and Dougie Jay. These Brave R&B Artists are leading the revolution! Check 'em Out today! Maybe in the future more will follow.
Model: Nude African Warrior

If you wish to start your own adult subscription service email me at contact@ebonynsweet.com for tips, advice, and promotional support

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