🚨Exclusive Footage: Bobby White (@bobbycannever) aka $Bobbywashere

 UPDATE: For 5-21-19 (New Account @Bobbycannever)


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Last week, we covered the "Bobby White" saga that left (many) scratching their heads in disbelief. The event happened last Thursday on 12.13.18  on periscope when over a dozen people paid for a private show that never materialized. Soon after, everyone realized they were scammed. Read more here 

But today, we got some good news! We obtained exclusive footage of a previous show recorded back in September.

If you currently have any recordings or additional footage of Bobby White, feel free to email us at contact@ebonynsweet.com and we would gladly post it.
This is just a small gesture to all the people that felt wronged in this situation. It can't completely heal that wound, but it's start!

Be-warned! Don't Send Bobby White aka White Mamba any payments via Ca$h App. There's a high risk that you won't receive your show. He will not refund your money if you request it; because he lack morals. If you want to take the risk, only use paypal. PayPal is the only money transfer service that will issue a full-refund for fraudulent transactions. It also helps to think ahead and call your local bank to get up-to-date on their refund policy. Stay informed!

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