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Update 5/21/19: Bobby White changed his name to @Bobbycannever on periscope

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Introducing Webcam Model Bobby White an 20yr old College student from Richmond, VA. He's most known for his private nude shows on the popular app "periscope".  There's alot of potential here, but just like most young people he has a problem with keeping up with a schedule. We estimate that on average he will miss 3 out of 10 scheduled show-times within a 30 day period. I paid for a total of 4 shows within a span of 4 months and he was late for 2 out of the 4, which includes the show that was suppose to air last night (12/13/18) at 11:30pm that I NEVER recieved. When you request "Money" for services that you do not provide it's considered thief.

To his credit, his account did get suspended, which threw him off. However, he did create a new account (seen below) and came back online 10-15 minutes later. He then stated that his show was still moving forward. However, he never came back online at the scheduled hour, and haven't been seen since Thursday. There was atleast (12) customers that paid and have not recieved a refund.

He could have re-started the private group show at anytime, regardless of what happened. How? Because on Cas$h app each user that sends him an payment also includes their periscope name in the subject-line. He can re-add and follow everyone, and get back to business, very quickly. There's no excuse.

By the time that he shows his face online again, he probably will pretend like Dec 13th never happened and "conveniently" forget about all the paying customers.
We tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But then we looked at his twitter page today at 1:55pm, eastern time, he didn't seem too concerned that his fans have been waiting for over 12 hours thus far.

Update: It's Wednesday 12/19/18 at 11:26 am
As expected Bobby White showed up online today after nearly a week passed by but under a completely different account. We suspected that he would pull this move, because everyone that was expecting to receive their paid-show was following the previous account. We knew he would attempt to duck all of those paying customers. He waited still after he believed in his mind that the "memory" that took place on Dec. 13th would be forgotten.He was wrong! We never forget.

He never address the "no-show", nor did he apologize or mention any of the people that paid. He completely moved on as if it never happened, just as we predicted. But. that's not before playing victim. He rambled on for about an hour alot of irrelevant bullshyt instead. And now he  "Claiming" people are out to get him, and he won't do group shows anymore lol... Didn't we tell ya? Don't send your money to this guy.

Update: It's Sunday 12/16/18 1:34 est
It has been over 72 hours, and the fans have still not recieved a refund or a re-scheduled make-up show.

Warning: Sadly, at this time we can not recommend Bobby White's services due to his unprofessionalism and recent display of criminal behavior. The risk is too high with over an 30% chance that you may NOT, receive your show. If he does schedule a make-up show, it could be ridiculously late sometimes up to 24-72 hours after you paid or "No" show at all.

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Note: We did NOT record the video seen below, and have no affiliations with periscopeexposed, perieggplants or thatpbillybottom; which leaked footage of various periscope shows. So, If you was cheated out of a show last night click the following link below.
 A little Peek is better than nothing! Money don't grow on trees! Be-careful while sending money through non-traditional websites. It's best to use services like Chaturbate or Flirt4free if you want to pay for a webcam show. REAL adult cam sites are alot safer and they have policies in place to handle cases of fraud. If you willing to risk it all to see Bobby White use PAYPAL, you can dispute the transaction and receive a refund if he or any model bails on you. 

Update: 3-9-19
Bobby White's name changed. Screen-shot below.


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Periscope the popular live broadcasting app which allows users to interact withspecific followers and create private groups & live streams has become a popular destination for Amateur Adult Models; whom uses this system to extend their services and charge their viewers a fee to view their show.

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