The end is near! Tumblr's Porn Ban on Dec.17th | Learn how to save all your tumblr Likes

Are you're upset over losing all the photos that you liked on tumblr over the last few years starting on Dec. 17th? I have good news for you. There's a program called TumblrRipper that will allow you to backup any tumblr blog, including your likes! If you were on tumblr for awhile you might need to free up atleast 15-20 gigs of hard-drive space, you'd be surprised on how much content you could potentially accumulate overtime.

 1. Click the Add Website Button

 2. Input the information of the tumblr blog that you wish to download. Also use your login information to sign-in and click save.

3. Click Start and you will begin.

Follow this link below:


TumblRipper is a free small tool created to backup your tumblr pictures to your harddisk. (Or those of a photoblog you enjoy); Features: StandAlone application

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