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Reggaeton star Ozuna confirmed in a statement Wednesday (Jan. 23) that he was the victim of an extortion scam tied to a explicit video filmed of him under the alias J-Ox by Thugcinema and starring Pornstar known as Ace Rockwood. The film was released back in 2010, which marked Rockwood's directorial debut. According to iafd.com the film featured an All-Male cast and introduced several new performers such as Danilla, J-Ox, Carlos and Macana Man. -  Source Billboard

Ace Rockwood did an 2012 interview with Xtra to discuss his transition from acting to directing:
“I’ve worked behind the scenes for a few companies that I’ve had good relationships with,” says Rockwood, who started in porn at 18. “I did everything from shoot scenes to office work, so this helped me out a great deal with the technical aspect of it. After I shot my first scene I thought, ‘Hey, I can definitely start my own production company.’” via Xtra
The film had the running time of 105 minutes and was distributed by Acerockwood.com, an website that is no longer available at this time.  Rockwood hosted several events through 2012 to promote the DVD, and one of those events was hosted by Dj Black Cat.

So it does appears that there was atleast 1 person in the music industry that knew of the existence of this sextape and kept quiet. The Video is no longer in stock which is typical for videos that was released close to 8-10 years old.

Above you can see a young Ozuna on the (far upper left-hand corner)

Note: Ozuna didn't appear in any homosexual act or preform a scene with another man in the film. It was a solo masturbation/jerk clip that lasted under 4 minutes and was heavily edited. We won't host the video or post the screenshots on our website. However, in 2012 the popular gay website Manzzle.com appears to have hosted the video and promoted it on their twitter and tumblr accounts.


Ozuna’s label management office, confirmed that urban artist Ozuna was extorted through an intimate video filmed when he was a minor.
As part of the statement, Ozuna also issued an apology.
“What happened was a mistake of the past. Like many young people, I made a mistake, fueled by ignorance,” read the statement. “Today, I’m not only sorry for what happened, but I condemn it. That’s why I looked for help and I am certain everything will be cleared. Likewise, I’m following the process and am always willing to collaborate with authorities to prevent the evil that resulted from this big mistake. More importantly, I ask my family for forgiveness. They are my life’s priority and I will continue to fight for them always.”

Ozuna was the single most successful Latin artist in 2018, with his two studio albums as the No. 1 and No. 2 biggest albums on Billboard’s Latin year-end charts.

Artist Kevin Fret
Reports published Tuesday 1.22.19 in several Puerto Rican media outlets stated the person extorting Ozuna was allegedly slain trap singer Kevin Fret. At press time, Ozuna’s office had not confirmed to Billboard that this was the case.

Ozuna's manager, Vicente Saavedra, categorically told Billboard that Ozuna is not under any sort of investigation or questioning from authorities of the death of.

Here at Ebonynsweet we believe this scandal won't hurt his career. Everybody loves to see their most favorite celebrities naked. And lets be honest Ozuna is one of the sexiest artists in the world, and he shouldn't be penalized for exploring his sexuality. We all masturbate! It's natural. I'm definitely a new fan.

We won't speculate on Ozuna's sexuality or how he choose to identify himself. However, it does appear that he have kept-up a friendly relationship with another co-star of the video; whom also been rumored as being Bi-sexual  Macana Man.

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