The plot thickens... Could Ozuna extortion story be a lie?

More questions have emerged after Reggaeton Star Ozuna has been exposed as appearing in a gay film directed by Ace Rockwood. But it appears as if we may not have recieved the entire story yet. When we researched their social media accounts, we noticed something immediately. Ozuna has been hiding his relationship with his co-stars  Ace Rockwood also known as Joshua Johnson and Macan Mann in plain-sight for nearly 8 years. Just recently all 3 was in Las Vegas, NV while Ozuna was there to record music with openly gay singer (Ricky Martin) and performances for his tour dates. As you know from our previous post Hip Hop Artist Ozuna Sex Scandal Ozuna's lawyers accused the makers of the gay film NY Sex Chronicles of producing child porn, citing that Ozuna was underage at the time.

But could this be true? Ozuna is still very much friends with his porn co-stars, so why would he then accuse them of a crime? He also stated that he was being extorted and had to pay a large sum of money to keep the information secret. Read more here

We asked Ace Rockwood for comment, but he blocked us on twitter. We will continue to monitor this story as it develops.

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