U mAD? 6LACK Responds to our criticism of his R. Kelly Comment

.....Well, well, well... A couple days ago Ebonynsweet was thrusted into the public debate based on our stance against the false allegations levied against R&B legend R. Kelly on the Tabloid event series Surviving R.Kelly. The video clip we posted on Twitter criticized rookie Grammy nominated singer @6LACK for displaying disrespect toward R. Kelly and his 25 year career; and legacy as the reigning King of R&B.

Our blog went viral and generated over 3.1 million impressions and sparked a fierce debate. Check out the response below:

We also recieved thousands of responses from disgruntled 6LACK fans aka "Social Justice warriors", including members of several online publications such as Ratedrnb, Complex, and Blativity, all of  whom seemed to lost their ability to practice patience and await to hear all the facts in the case, which is necessary in order to make an unbiased opinion.

Periscope Personality Jake Miller

Sports Anchor at WBBM News Radio

Even Joe Price of Complex Music had to throw his 2cents into the debate.....

We believe R. Kelly will be proven innocent of all the false allegations against him. He will be vindicated in a court of law. Lets not jump to make conclusions before we had the opportunity to hear all the facts!

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